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Apply for [Builder] Rank *KCv2 Official*

Started by ParagonGX, April 03, 2013, 06:23:16 PM

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Builder Rank Applications

   Apply here for the rank of Builder

Prerequisites (Requirements):

- You must already be a Citizen.
- You must have played on the server for about a month
- You must have played as a Citizen for at least a week
- You must have built something that is reasonably impressive, or multiple builds that are quite good. This includes towns, so feel free to post your town construction, but please give credit to the other people involved if there were any others involved.

What to do:

In order to apply for the rank of Builder you must make your own individual applications with the following information:

- Your In Game Name (IGN)
- How long you have played for
- Multiple pictures of your construction(s)
- Your McMMO Level (Use the command '/mcstats' to find this)
- Any other information you can provide on your experience on the server, such as people you have met and built with etc. Providing good reasons why you should become a Builder also helps.


Some Tips:

This is a reasonably difficult rank to achieve, so don't always expect to be accepted, however if you follow these tips it would go a long way towards the application being accepted.

If you ask me or any other staff member to accept your application, We will do the opposite and DELAY it's review. Do NOT ask for us to check your app, Or pester us to accept it.

- If you do not know how to post images, check this guide:,278.0.html
- Use proper English. This includes proper Spelling, grammar and punctuation.
- If your first language is not English, although we understand this, you should still be able to properly capitalize your words, and use full stops etc.
- Stupid colors, large or unusual fonts do NOT help with your application, and anything that is difficult to read is usually very bad.
- Provide as much information as you can think of, without lying.
- Use neat, well formatted sentences, paragraphs and titles to format your post.

Side Note:
- If one doesn't respond to their application within a 5 day period if asked to modify the application, it will be seen as they are not committed to the rank anymore and will be denied.