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Apply for [Engineer] Rank *KCv2 Official*

Started by ParagonGX, April 03, 2013, 06:23:58 PM

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Please read all of this before applying. THESE APPS CAN ONLY BE ACCEPTED BY AN ADMINISTRATOR!

In order to apply for the rank of Builder you must make your own individual applications with the following information listed below:

Requirements for Engineer

- MUST be atleast Builder rank.
- MUST have had builder rank for atleast 3 weeks
- MUST have a great knowledge of redstone or how it works.
- MUST have a lot of unique contraptions built using redstone.

In your application, try to provide a lengthy reason as to why you want to be an engineer, telling us about a number of your contraptions and provide a few pictures of them. This is an extremely hard to achieve rank, and your application should have great effort put into it and a lot more effort than what you did for builder, only very good applications will be accepted and moved on to the 'test' stage which I will explain now.

Once we think a player's application is good enough, Kai, Zlexy, Baroompsycho, or Exigopro will arrange with the player to check out said player's redstone builds. After looking at the builds (all must involve redstone or encorparate it somehow), the admin will then decide if a player is deemed worthy of the 'Engineer' rank.

Extra commands available as Engineer

/setwarp (removed from Citizen)

Item spawning

- Redstone
- Redstone block
- Redstone repeater
- Redstone comparator
- Redstone lamp
- Day/night sensor
- Piston
- Sticky piston
- Lever
- Stone button
- Wooden button
- Wooden pressure pad
- Stone pressure pad
- Gold pressure pad
- Iron pressure pad
- Hopper
- Dropper
- Wooden door
- Iron door
- Dispenser
- Note block

Side Note:
- If one doesn't respond to their application within a 5 day period if asked to modify the application, it will be seen as they are not committed to the rank anymore and will be denied.