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Author Topic: My RPG Charactor information.  (Read 2700 times)

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My RPG Charactor information.
« on: April 21, 2014, 10:18:42 AM »
(IGN)Creeper81702 (1.8.0/1.8.1) When name changes are approved my name will be King_Qyantra

(RPN) King Qyantra/ Creepsta

(RPAge) 19 years old.

(Home) The Elven City Of Rocksharn

(Past Information) I was born in 4/17/26426 A.K.A the beginning of the elven empire, By the soon King and Queen of the Elven City Of Booran. My family founded this place from their search with their fellow elven people Lord Verzing, Blacksmith Cranno, Master Chef Cofran exc. On their journey they stumbled upon a the dwarven city of Kasran where they were held prisoners for 2weeks strait with no light in sight just pure darkness. They had enough of this, so they somehow (My family wont tell me) broke out of the prison with the technique called (mole escape). Once they broke out of the prison and escaped the city of Kasran they headed on their journey to a new world. It took 5 weeks of survival and pure will until they found it....The new building sight of the soon city of Booran. It took years and years of traveling 1 by 1 and making land marks to get other elves to the build sight. then more years to build Booran. After the hard labor the city was finished...and the new elves of booran set place and built homes under the rulers of booran...my parents. in 7/20/26500 the king and queen of Booran died as I was just turning 19. and well... the placement of king was led to me... the new king of Booran King Qyantra! Since then I have made the empire stronger... allying with the giants and trolls and fighting off the Dwarves
I never saw what really happened at that prison but I believe my parents stories and I shall not let the Elven Empire Crumble.

(Race) Elf.

(Placement) King.

(Current War)Dwarves / Vikings.

(Current HQ) The City Of Booran.


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