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Topics - Akahitoha (AiriSchwartz)

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Grief/Player reports / 2nd Set
« on: August 16, 2013, 04:14:48 PM »
Here are more.

Grief/Player reports / My Puush is acting up on me... (Huge Griefing)
« on: August 16, 2013, 04:13:34 PM »
These are pics from TheAmazingBobert... and one from myself. My puush was acting up and i thought this would be a better way just for this report of a huge amount of people.

Other / VividKana - Memberlist
« on: July 30, 2013, 07:39:53 AM »
Faction Leader
 - AiriSchwartz
Faction Moderators
 - Diion_Beyer
 - Smooves
 - Matty_Riko
Faction Members
 - Michael5017
 - Raperv26
 - Mindtoit66
 - Cristinasama/Everance
 - TheBigNinjaDude
 - Zenit
 - Darryck
 - Hijana
 - Mr1Quit

Old World Ex-Crux
 - ProStalkerMan
 - Several others (Will update, hafta go for a moment so can't finish :3)

Archived Reports / Small Griefing Report: Andramen
« on: July 24, 2013, 03:01:40 AM »
Tiny Griefs... maybe a little bigger if the that area was larger before.

My verdict: TempBan 2 days.

Archived Reports / Duo Griefing: Karlom1234, goncalotuga
« on: July 15, 2013, 10:02:35 AM »
3 days banned for Griefing and taking all the horses out of Leon's "epicstable"

goncalotuga tried using TNT and left evidence after he realized TNT won't blow up in this world.

Images on Attachment

Accepted Staff / Application for Mod... from so much pressure... o.o
« on: July 09, 2013, 10:19:24 AM »
Miyuki Shimizu (English Name: Angel Rivera  - From my father’s side)



- English (Fluent)
- Japanese (Semi-Fluent; spent too much time in Canada... eh? XD)
- Cantonese (Fluent; forced to learn... o.o")




In Game Faction:
Crux (Peaceful)

***Excuse my English slang, too much Internet…***

Current Kaise Server Activity:

I started a little later than most people here I think but got to the point where everything seems to fit into place. I started playing in May and usually I’m also usually online every day for at least an hour, usually 3-5 hours depending on my summer course schedule and work. I’m still playing on another server, a private server hosted by a friend in school for students AND teachers who played minecraft … The controls are very different due to the massive amount of functions and “worlds” the server has.
***Important: There are some times I cannot come on at all for a day or so due to my special classes. Don't Panic~ I did not die~ X3. I will be back soon ^-^

Before Kaise…: 

I've played on a private minecraft network hosted by a friend in school for only the school’s players only. I have played in that server for only about a month and helped out as an “unofficial” moderator (there’s no rank structure in place). I was able to find and acquire a lot of experience helping others out, solving conflicts and other things regarding moderator the server. The problem with this private server was that the commands are experimental and not in public domain (my friend kinda modified the entire set to his own liking). I think I can re-learn the commands though, may just take a little more time.

Old KaiseCraft:
Sadly, I’ve never been on the old Kaisecraft. I started playing minecraft without the knowledge of Kaise server ever existing :P. It was due to another friend who plays minecraft introduce me to this server.

Activity after KaiseCraft:
I use my time in minecraft usually in Kaiseserver. So nothing after KaiseCraft~ :3 (at least at the moment).

Reasons for Moderator Application:
-   I’ve been wondering about trying for moderator for a long time, there has been so much “pressure” from other mods for some reason and I’m getting interested in creating and “hosting” minecraft events (special parkour tournaments/pvp tournaments and such on a server level).
-   I was some of an unofficial “mod” in the one month on my friend’s non-public server. There was quite a bit of bugs with the server commands and block ratio (it contained many addons like More Bows. Too Many Ores, Too many Items, and yeah that sort). In this server, some people exploit glitches and I realize that sometimes I am on the server when no other mods/admins are, maybe I could help stop the glitch-using and detect them earlier so the server can benefit from my fun with “experimenting and fixing” the glitches.

Why I SHOULD be a Moderator…?
Seriously, I do not know what it takes in game to be a moderator. The guidelines are very… “vague” and apparently, sometimes, things do not go expected (hello? Is smooves on? Yeah, I’m talking about him XD).  But apparently, there are a few moderators that say I’m very mature, not “volatile” and easily have my “anger” in check (even when I’m going ballistic I stay under a “calm” front online and offline …maybe go punch my pillow later on to release that steam).

Why the heck am I typing in Paragraphs? I don’t know. Maybe it feels more professional. Maybe I just like it. Three things I THINK I should be a mod that I came up with myself: 1) I do not use “strong language” even when riled up. (I’m guessing Kai stuck smooves in the world with a free-fire license…) 2) When I have a responsibility to follow, I stick with it and don’t take any loopholes or lazy-my-way-outta-here. 3) The most important reason is this HRR:

H – helpful to others when they need it. (The difference between NEED and WANT is taken into consideration).

R – Responsible not only in game things, but also in chat~ Don’t use strong language in the presence of young children <3 ^-^

R – Respecting others, both older and younger doesn’t matter, respecting another’s rights, fun, and “game life” in minecraft is a must. Keep that dirty stealing hand outta Steve?’s treasure chest X3.

(click to show/hide)

-   I’m good with basic World Guard controls. World guard can:
(click to show/hide)

-   Core Protect
I know about this, especially since it’s the server’s Anti-Griefing Tools:
(click to show/hide)

-   Residence…
I use this a lot before so I learned a few…
(click to show/hide)

Forum Knowledge
I’m great with forums, although  sometimes I get lost X3… I don’t go on forums too much (more like go on forums while logged in because I FORGET to login)… I’ll go on more when I HAVE to be responsible for such things…


I don’t know… Diion_Beyer (Dii-chan I call him~ X3), smooves, even Zlexy seems to advent me for the position… I guess I’ll just have to see how it turns out. Mew~
Additional Information:
Sixteen years old~ just 1 year over the moderator age minimum X3… English isn’t my first language, but I can read, write and speaking fluently. Hm… … … what is there mew~?

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