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Author Topic: Unban Appeal  (Read 3257 times)

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Unban Appeal
« on: January 13, 2014, 10:07:19 PM »

Why I was Banned:
Being a general jerk, and glitching items.

How Long:
No exact date, month maybe?

Why should I be unbanned:
Well, Ive been wanting to play survival with my irl friend JinKazama, we share our internet and would love playing, obviously because he is banned and I am as well, that wouldnt be possible, I would like to just play survival and not cause disturbance to the rules as I have before, me LeonMundt JinKazama and BajanArabian all three banned for having the same ip as me, would love to play here, I gave  my account to my friendbas I had no use of it, but didnt know it too was banned. So, Im just gonna play survival with Jin and Bajan and just have fun :)

Thanks for considering,
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Offline TheDarkWolf

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Re: Unban Appeal
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2014, 03:34:57 AM »
Shuff, I removed your post. Please read this:



Leon, let me first state that I highly doubt you'll be getting unbanned. After your recent charade and behavior towards the staff as well as what you'd done previously, including the lies you told about me to Emily in attempt to get me kicked from staff after I caught you, the lies you've told after the fact, and the down-talking you've done towards everyone involved, you've got about a snowball's chance in hell.

Let me clear up a couple of the things you seem to have trouble understanding.

1) We did not disband your faction. Shuff kicked everyone from Zenentrick and all of the big facs went and looted it of stuff after Emily went through it and removed all the suspicious items.

2) After learning a few tricks regarding CoreProtect, we have even more evidence against you regarding the time you spent sending items into survival that you enchanted in the main world. We also have evidence suggesting Osama/Hamza knew about it all along. The only reason he isn't in trouble is because we don't have conclusive evidence of him doing something that would grant us warrant to take action.

3) We have evidence of you calling the entire staff stupid.

4) We heard it from one of the players on the server that you were going to bypass your IP and Permaban about 5 to 7 days before you actually did it. Lo and behold, look what happened.

5) You bypassed your IP and Permaban and we know that JinKazama is you and only you.

6) Everyone that was in your faction has pretty much told everyone else on the server how suspicious you were.

I honestly can't believe you had the audacity to post an unban appeal. You've had way too many chances prior to this and you blew every one of them. Had you posted this unban appeal prior to your bypass, you might've had a chance at being part of the server again.

I eagerly await what the others have to say regarding you, though I have a general idea now.

Offline LeonDaMundt

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Re: Unban Appeal
« Reply #2 on: January 14, 2014, 08:29:19 PM »
As I said, I apologize for the mishaps, I just want to play with my friend. Our parents decided to buy a new connectiom, which explains the IP, there arent alot of good cracked faction servers, just wanted to be here again, we are hardly even gonna talk as we are going to be on Skype. :)

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Re: Unban Appeal
« Reply #3 on: January 15, 2014, 05:07:55 AM »
Oh so your parents buy you a new connection, even though you mentioned the fact that you had "Multiple Networks" in your house already and you were going to use to bypass your ban. Strange how this happens as soon as you're banned.

We know there is no friend, Why do you suddenly have a IRL friend literally the week you got banned, you never played with anyone until apparently after you were perma banned.

Also i think you're forgetting the deal you had set. You have had more than 5 chances, you were clearly told by me and zlexy, who made up the deal, who said that one more f**k up of any sort and you were gone. You knew damn right about this, and i think it'd be complete bull to even think about giving you a 6th chance.

As well as this, you were a mod, you knew how things worked, getting a new connection (Doubt this happened anyway) is no reason to bypass your ban, you knew what would happen, and being in our bad books already, hopefully common sense would have told you this would have made your case worse.

I am completely against this appeal. I find it staggering you think there is a chance for you after all your so called "Mishaps".

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Re: Unban Appeal
« Reply #4 on: January 15, 2014, 06:03:43 AM »
I know that I shouldn't be posting this, since I'm not staff anymore, but you have crossed the line. You had ENORMOUS number of chances, while many get only one. And instead to be grateful and to be logic (Take blarno as example) you go cheat, and you call staff names... You are way to spoiled and, for your surprise, you can't have everything. If I were you I would never ever come back to this server, you can't progress any more. I think that you rep is destroyed to the fullest and no one is going to forgive you. Bonjour, go and try your luck somewhere else

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Re: Unban Appeal
« Reply #5 on: January 15, 2014, 06:52:11 AM »
Lol okay, just wanted to play survival with Jin here, if not then its okay

Offline TheDarkWolf

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Re: Unban Appeal
« Reply #6 on: January 15, 2014, 09:56:35 AM »
Let me say that:

1) You can take your self righteous attitude and hop on your camel and ride into the sunset. You fit in with the rest of those uppity Saudi's that you say you dislike and you can take your continual lying mouth with you.

2) This is going back in the Ban Appeals section where it belongs so that Kai or Zlexy can properly deny you. I'm not going to let you deny yourself the burn of being told no.

- Will
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Re: Unban Appeal
« Reply #7 on: January 15, 2014, 10:06:21 AM »
Also, here is all my sexy evidence ;)

[08 January 2014 18:26] Joe Stanely:

<<< [18:11:29] Joe Stanely: Hi Śàäd, I'd like to add you as a contact. Joe Stanely
[18:12:08] *** Śàäd has shared contact details with Joe Stanely. ***
[18:12:12] Śàäd: Hello..?
[18:12:19] Joe Stanely: Hai
[18:12:28] Śàäd: Who are you?
[18:12:51] Joe Stanely: I'm somebody from KaiseCraft, who wanted to meet you ;D Your friend gave me your email
[18:12:59] Śàäd: Hey :)
[18:13:04] Śàäd: I know kaisecraft.
[18:13:07] Śàäd: Those jealous people.
[18:13:25] Śàäd: Anyway, Hi :)
[18:13:27] Śàäd: How are you?
[18:13:33] Joe Stanely: What are they jealous of xD and hi, I'm good thanks, you?
[18:13:55] Śàäd: Im fine, thanks for asking
[18:14:06] Joe Stanely: You're welcome : )
[18:14:14] Śàäd: They're jealous for gosh, I hate boasting but, they're jealous because of my fac
[18:14:21] Śàäd: "or were jealous"
[18:14:27] Śàäd: My faction
[18:14:28] Joe Stanely: xD what happened to it?
[18:14:29] Śàäd: Zenentrick
[18:14:33] Śàäd: Is the strongest faction
[18:14:35] Śàäd: If your in the server
[18:14:47] Śàäd: Say this: What is zenentrick? and is it powerful?
[18:14:49] Śàäd: look at the replies
[18:14:55] Śàäd: and see for yourself
[18:15:11] Joe Stanely: I did /f f zenentrick there is no faction under that name D;
[18:15:17] Śàäd: They disbanded it
[18:15:23] Śàäd: It had 32 people in it
[18:15:25] Joe Stanely: Wow....
[18:15:26] Śàäd: The largest faction
[18:15:32] Śàäd: And the strongest faction
[18:15:35] Śàäd: In this server
[18:15:41] Joe Stanely: The largest none peaceful now is something called Blueeagle
[18:15:42] Śàäd: Just say this in public chat
[18:15:48] Śàäd: What is zenentrick? and is it powerful?
[18:15:52] Śàäd: they're shit
[18:15:55] Śàäd: I was the raiding boss
[18:15:59] Śàäd: I raided every faction
[18:16:02] Śàäd: And they got scared from me
[18:16:13] Śàäd: Hell, I even raided blueeagle like 5 times
[18:16:17] Joe Stanely: XD
[18:16:19] Joe Stanely: Woow
[18:16:23] Joe Stanely: How weak
[18:16:27] Śàäd: no
[18:16:27] Joe Stanely: (of them)
[18:16:30] Śàäd: They weren't weak
[18:16:33] Śàäd: We were too strong
[18:16:33] Śàäd: xD
[18:16:35] Joe Stanely: xD
[18:16:41] Śàäd: Just say it in public chat
[18:16:45] Joe Stanely: k
[18:17:32] Joe Stanely: Said it
[18:17:44] Joe Stanely: Your friend Jin seems confused
[18:18:03] Śàäd: He's a random derper
[18:18:05] Śàäd: Want me
[18:18:09] Śàäd: to tell you a secret?
[18:18:18] Joe Stanely: Sure ;D
[18:18:24] Śàäd: JinKazama
[18:18:27] Śàäd: Is me
[18:18:38] Joe Stanely: xD How easy was it to bypass the ban
[18:18:43] Śàäd: hahah
[18:18:46] Śàäd: they're dumb
[18:18:50] Joe Stanely: Ofc XD
[18:18:52] Śàäd: I have networks
[18:18:53] Śàäd: in my home
[18:19:04] Joe Stanely: Nice
[18:19:20] Śàäd: Zenentrick
[18:19:23] Śàäd: Was the most powerful faction.
[18:19:31] Joe Stanely: Wish it still was
[18:19:46] Śàäd: If staff wasnt there
[18:19:50] Joe Stanely: Sounds like a good faction, I wish I could of been there to join it :(
[18:19:50] Śàäd: Or they werent so jealous
[18:19:52] Śàäd: it would be there
[18:20:29] Joe Stanely: Too bad :(
[18:21:32] Śàäd: Im trying to find my base
[18:21:36] Śàäd: IF I find it
[18:21:39] Śàäd: it's 500 stacks
[18:21:42] Śàäd: of obsidian
[18:21:43] Joe Stanely: Didn't people raid it?
[18:21:49] Śàäd: It cant be raided
[18:22:22] Joe Stanely: ah
[18:22:28] Joe Stanely: But if it was disbanded
[18:22:32] Joe Stanely: then the land was?
[18:22:38] Śàäd: The land cant be raided
[18:22:42] Śàäd: if the mods didnt remove the base
[18:22:45] Śàäd: it'll 100% be there
[18:22:50] Joe Stanely: kk
[18:23:23] Śàäd: http://tinychat.com/6l49wf
[18:23:25] Śàäd: join
[18:23:26] Śàäd: sith chat
[18:23:28] Śàäd: xD
[18:23:45] Joe Stanely: I'm quite shy about talking over mic xD
[18:25:14] Śàäd: same eree
[18:25:22] Joe Stanely: ;D
[18:25:27] Joe Stanely: Something in common

I think you've got no chance mate.

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Re: Unban Appeal
« Reply #8 on: January 15, 2014, 01:03:20 PM »
There is more than enough reason to deny this above, So there's no need to provide any more evidence.

Leon, If you hadn't obviously lied, threatened or otherwise spread rumors about staff after being banned and demoted, I probably would have accepted this. Maturity comes with learning to accept things that happen, whether or not  you like them. Your choices have only led to worse things happening.

-- Denied.
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Re: Unban Appeal
« Reply #9 on: January 23, 2014, 08:43:07 AM »
After spending a ton of time looking at every bit of evidence against you, I've came to a very serious and unappealable conclusion.

You're never going to be unbanned. Don't appeal ever again.
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