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Other / Kcv2 IRL Then vs Now
« on: July 09, 2017, 01:05:23 PM »
I was looking through the forum today because I occasionally come through for maintenance. Keeping bots off the site updating security and plugins the forum uses and what not, and I saw the old selfie thread, and saw myself from 3 years ago; Gotta be honest, I used to look pretty cringe, I probably still do, not that I'd know. Anyway, It made me want to make a KCV2 Then Vs now, selfie thread, so here it is.

News / Crystal realm
« on: May 28, 2017, 05:58:56 AM »
Hi guys, I know we've had a couple of servers come and go since KCv2 has gone down, and I know some maybe timid to go in with their hopes up of some server mimicking KC, while also being able to survive.

I created the Server Crystal Realm as an independent server borrowing a lot of Ideals from KCv2, whilst also keeping a Semi-Vanilla gameplay. Crystal realm is basically a Completely Survival game play that doesn't include factions or an economy. The Game play is similar to Anarchy. We don't keep strict chat rules, and it will of course be competitive game play with a 300k border.

This is not an Attempt to Resuscitate Kaise Craft. Which I know is what a lot players are hoping for. It is also not meant to copy the play style that came along with Kaise craft, with the factions, and a "/bal" driven Economy. Rather the economy is trading decided by what the players value most. For example in Most servers with this style diamonds very quickly become a currency. Rather Crystal Realm is an attempt to create a lasting server where our community can come and play in and together again.

I hope to see some of you guys Online seeing as it seems this forum is still relatively Active, I also hope that I may seem some old friends along the way :).

Server IP : Crystalrealm.serverminer.com
forum Address: http://crystalrealm.boards.net/

General Info / To all that this applies.
« on: January 29, 2016, 08:53:05 AM »
To all of you who are so kind as to keep coming here We have some exciting news for you. A few server Admins and Moderators from KCv2 have teamed with Kaise123 and a player named Friendkiller from a previous server and have come to create "Pheonix Realms". That is, to rise from the ashes of previous servers. We have not yet released our public IP but to those of you who are interested we will have the server publicly launched within a week or so. The server is a Cracked survival, Creative plot and Kit PvP with much more in the works to be added soon! We hope to see you there once we've got it launched.

Note: This is by no means a KCv3, rather a new startup with the same Owner and a new approach to the server type.

Warm regards, TheAmazingBobert(CrimsonShadow)

News / Dear Kai...
« on: March 16, 2015, 09:29:23 AM »
Kai, you provided hours and even years of fun for many of us on your wonderful server, and still provide a little bit of fun for the staff while these forums still exist. As a Token of my Gratitude and a little bit of fun on your behalf Take this image as a reward ;D


News / Still lingering about
« on: August 14, 2014, 11:55:16 AM »
Hey Guys... I know that many still visit the forums in hopes of news and Activity from old friends here, but I thought that I might as well make a thread about those of us that are still lingering about... What we're doing now, and things of that sort, you basically just give an update so that we can keep caught up with eachother...

Mine: 8/13/2014 (august 13)

- as you all know myself and some of the other staff did setup another server shortly before KaiseCraft shutdown... and ironically it Launched the day that KaiseCraft did go down, it ran for a month and we did get a nice amount of traffic even though we didn't have much and were a work in progress... our server was setup very similar to KCv2 it even had a statue of Kai at spawn... we had our survival and creative world and were well on our way to working ourselves up to a very setup server.... After that though.. we learned why kai was always talking about how expensive a server is... not even including the extra stuff you need to pay for to make it function well, shortly after we found this out combined with a lack of Donations and people who stayed(Another issue that KCv2 ran into) we shut down... ironically we shut down July 4th just a month after KCv2 went down After that the Staff members and some of the members all kept in touch through a Skype Chat but the chat began to stray from keeping a server running... to more of the day to day rambling and now I think like myself many of the KCv2 have lost interest in MC, I've removed most Minecraft Launchers from my computer... cleared my modpacks and folders and I've deleted all of my Screenshots... But I do still linger on KCv2's Forums Because as far as I care this will always be a home that I can return to... even if there aren't many people here... but up to that point not much else has happened.

News / TheAmazingBobert's Resignation
« on: May 07, 2014, 08:58:58 PM »
Well.. I'm not quite sure what to say, other than it's been wonderful working as staff for this server for 10 months, and it's amazing how much staff and player support I received from player and staff alike, I made Senior Moderator and Admin so quickly it was a blast Working with all of you. I also Greatly Enjoyed the last year and a half I spent on the server, but I've lost my drive to play Minecraft, infact KCv2 is the only reason that it remains installed on my computer, So there really isn't anything more than I can say than thankyou guys for the last awesome 10 months, and the amazing year that I've had to enjoy this wonderful Server, I'll see you all in the Next Chapter.

Suggestions / New Pluggin Suggestion
« on: March 08, 2014, 08:10:36 AM »
I have a suggestion for the server. It is purely for fun although there will be an issue or two we'd have to sort if it's added, but the Plugin basically puts an AI into the world, This AI's Name? Herobrine. It will put a working Herobrine in the server, the AI's function is simple, Scare the living daylights out of players. I think it'd be a fun addition. Although it will conflict with survival as it does attack at random, and it would be safe in main world for this because we can probably set it's damage down. The other conflict is, it has random lightning and Explosions... So the survival world at this point is a definite no go. however it is a totally safe plugin for the mainworld, as we already have a plugin to limit explosive damage in main world, and we can more than likely disable herobrine's lightning usage if it is an issue. So there you have it. It's just a plugin meant for the fun of having it around, and of course there are more features but I've only put the ones that would conflict with survival and such, but I don't feel it'd be too much work to make it safe for our server.


Other / Pictures With Santa!
« on: December 18, 2013, 02:03:48 PM »
I've become Santa in game :D, I'm taking pictures with players, how about you come and get a picture taken with santa, and I'll puush and give you the image, only work required is downloading it xD. Too find where the pictures are being taken, do either /warp Santa, or find us we're at spawn :D

Also don't Forget to check out the spawn,The staff put a lot of work into improving the spawn today, and even decorating it in the name of the Christmas season! We even have a tree, and Baroom has a secret room waiting for you guys once she finishes it!

Other / The Cake is not a lie :o
« on: August 17, 2013, 12:47:58 PM »

*cough* built by Hij *cough*

Accepted Staff / TheAmazingBobert's Mod App
« on: August 07, 2013, 04:53:01 AM »
Name: Jacob

Age: 16

IGN: TheAmazingBobert

Skype: ScarySqwurl

Current Rank: Engineer

Reasons why I want to be a mod:
I would like to be a mod because I feel like even though we have so many great mods on the server as is right now, they are spread to thin during certain times on the day and some of the lower rank players on the server have a hard time receiving help that they need(Not insulting any existing mods it's just sometimes they are all busy). Also I would like to achieve the moderator rank to further Achieve my goal to be able to better help players on the server more than I'm already able at my current rank.

Outside Of kaisecraft:
Outside of kaise's server I don't really participate in any other servers, although I have hosted several bucket and vanilla servers, but due to the fact I mostly whitelisted player numbers declined and the servers ultimately failed. I don't really play SP worlds often, so most of my time on minecraft is spent on the server.

Before Kaisecraft:
Before I played Kaise's server I had a bucket server I was running, my server had many of the same pluggins and commands that kaise's server does now(although they were a little outdated compared to now) Also before kaisecraft I did not play servers due to most of them not having very active staff, and they weren't very freindly environments.

Although I've used most of the protection pluggins, they're now outdated so I know the important commands, but it'll take a little practice to get the side parts of the commands down

(click to show/hide)

World Edit
(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

Forum Experience:
I have helped my best friend run two forums one know as the ultimate story the other known as story walker, neither of them are up anymore, but due to this I know how to lock topics and create new boards and do some of the more major editing on a forum board.

My Reputation:
I cannot decide how I'm viewed by the public eye, but I try to help other players on the server as much as I can when mods are not around or if they lost little things, like gold, or iron, or maybe some armor, I've also given players who are having a rough time starting, start items, like torches, tools, and maybe some iron armor if I feel like spawning that much extra stuff. I've also helped players get familiar with the commands of their ranks.

Other / Barooms shrine
« on: August 07, 2013, 03:07:02 AM »

Found this while doing some wandering..... And I have to ask... why...

Engineer Applications / TheAmazingBobert's engineer application
« on: July 17, 2013, 08:04:35 AM »
Hello, My IGN is TheAmazingBobert I'm 16 My mcmmo level now since the update is about 74, but in the old world I was near the thousands. I have been part of the server off and on for around the past year, I've played as the server was updated or when I have a reliable internet connection, I began to use redstone about 3 months after I began playing(I was a dope when I started for real, I thought you had to click repeatedly to mine..) When I first started I wanted to rank up with the intention of helping others in the server, but since the most recent update with the new world and new ranks, I have been left without many commands that can help me do so, like creating warps, and certain res commands, that I don't have access to anymore. After my first week of playing, I became a citizen, and about a month later builder, but I was unable to join the server due to either being updated ahead or bad internet connection, but now that I've been playing a year I'd like to become an engineer so that  I have access to more commands(plus it'd be nice to be able to get redstone without having to go 100 feet underground to get it or spend money..).
Anyway I have put together 3 different builds all on the server the first of the three is called A daytime Nighttime Chime.

What this build basically does it make a chime of your choice during the day and night, at the crack of dawn it goes off from the piston going over the current activated by the daytime sensor (from the newest update) the piston blocking the current causes the noteblocks to chime. At night the daytime sensor does not get enough light to power the piston, so it pulls back allowing the original current to flow through making the blocks chime again. This device is very useful for people in minecraft with indoor farms, or houses that need extra protection, or just a good way to tell time.

This is a little more complicated(not by much though)build called the Automatic double doors(a more or less common redstone build)

(Leon was stalking me during this... those are his legs in the top right)
This build is fairly simple yet complicated if you put it in a house... Both doors are connected to a redstone current by pressure plates, this used to be an even more complicated thing to do in old versions where when the doors were double pressure plated one would stay open, this was solved with a red stone torch to keep constant power the door that was always open, this torch was cut off by a circuit activated by the pressure plate on it's side, anyway that was fixed in recent updates. now this is an easy to do build as you can see in the pictures above that makes it so you no longer have to open doors and there is no delay :D. There is a way to lock it though so mobs cannot get into your house, But unfortunately I did not have the supplies to do this ;-;.

This next redstone build is basically an autofarm build(also quite common, sorry I am not a clever man ;-;)

The collection box :P(A chest connected to a hopper)

Okay, so this build is incredibly, ridiculously simple. so you setup a farm on a hill with a pool of water at the top blocked off by powered pistons.
(make sure there are walls around the farm) you also dig a hole at the bottom of the hole running the length of the farm for the water to flow into at the end of that hole put a chest with a hopper below water lever for the wheat seeds carrots or potatoes to flow into. when the farm is full grown you unpower the pistons releasing the water flow to pull up the crops and flow them to the bottom of the hill into the ditch made for the water and into the collection bin(power pistons and repeat).

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