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Total Freedom Op Server

Started by Jaguar, March 12, 2014, 12:51:44 PM

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Yes, it is still a ''cracked'' server and there's a lot to list. So I had to copy and paste the descriptions

The Total Freedom server is a free form sandbox server. Here at Total Freedom, all players are given creative mode plus OPs privileges provided they abide by our rules. Unlike most multiplayer servers, we like to allow maximum freedom here, whether it's using world edit commands, plugin essentials commands, mods, or logging in without a paid/premium account. We also have a free voice server using Mumble; please check our our forums for more information. Total Freedom does not mean Total Anarchy; if you attempt to disrupt or grief the server, sanctions to include temporary or permanent banning are in play.

All players are equal with ops and plugin privileges. However, regular players can be accorded admin status by positively contributing to the server. Positive contributions include producing or providing excellent world maps, making fantastic builds that get saved for use in our sandbox, assisting the server admins in dealing with griefers, and/or cleaning up their messes (e.g. spawn destruction), assisting new players, keeping the server free of lag and so forth. If you have specialized skills such as plugin coding, please discuss with the appropriate executive board member or owner. The list of senior admins and super admins are posted on this page and can be viewed in-game by using the command saconfig list. Senior admins noted as honorary are veteran senior admins that are no longer required to be as active as the regular senior admins but are recognized for their long-standing service to the server.

Super admins are below senior admins & have various capabilities such as being able to OP themselves and overseeing the server in-game. If you wish to be a super admin, please fill out the application on our forum as listed above. We also have a specialized technical position known as Telnet admins that allow for off-server oversight- all senior admins have Telnet capability as well as designated super admins. Senior Admins are in-charge of selecting and supervising Super Admins.

Admins should give OPs to all new members (anybody may OP another player) and instruct new players to read the rules and this website. They can also deop griefers (first choice for minor infractions) and temporarily ban griefers that cause major world damage and other serious rule violations. Admins may use an [Admin] nick title tag if they so wish provided they use their normal nick as listed above but must use their minecraft name when doing admin commands. If you wish to be a super admin or to know more detailed information about admin duties, please apply on the forums and do not NOT publicly nag for it on the server. If you're not yet qualified to be an admin, you can become a crew member (admin assistant) and wear the crew tag if appointed by an admin - see the forums for more info

You may contact the server owner via Twitter at @totalfreedommc to pass critical information such as server crashes. For ban appeals or other non-critical issues, please use our forums.

Server Address:  For some odd reason, up to 35 players can join this server.

There's too many rules for me to list so I'll list about 10 of them

1. No creative pvping

2. Don't spawn withers

3. No Griefing

4. No Spamming

5. Don't tp players to others

6. Don't pvp with Admins

7. Respect players and admins

8. Listen to the admins when they ask you to

9. No begging for the Super Admin apply on the forums

10. Don't use invisibility

More Info:

Meet me on the server

IGN: HummerH1888