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Unban Appeal Hamza Please Forgive me.

Started by SCS_HAMZA_SCS, May 21, 2014, 06:26:28 PM

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IGN (ingame name):Hamza

When I was banned (approximately):1 month (not sure).

Who banned me:Kaise i think

Why I was banned:For saying that i can "Glitch" stuff from worlds.

Why I should be unbanned:
Well i was just kidding with a guy called Michael5017 or something dont remember the name correctly,we were talking about a server called SkaiaCraft
i was saying you need to come from another account to reset the chest,then a moderator warned us for a reason we both dont know,we were talking in msg,the next part was my fault i was telling him that you can glitch from worlds by /logging out but we cant do that anymore so i do not think there is a reason for me to be banned,Dont you think its enough of a time for a ban?I was just kidding afterall.Both Hamza And Osama are my accounts now so dont worry.Please get me unbanned and ask for more details.

This was copied from old one so please dont say you copied.
Guys please just please let me come back i wont even do a single wrong thing please just please ;( one last chance please i am asking you something if i do anything just please unban me i want to come back in kcv2.. thank you for reading this,bye ;/


1. You are never coming back, we've made that clear more times than we can count.
2. There's no point, this server's going down in like 2 weeks so why bother.
Point is the answer is no.
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You've been denied 3 times now, how you're not muted yet is a wonder to me, but Just like the last two times, the evidence shows you tried the glitch. If you want to deny, go check your own ban report, it's all there from the same exact time. Second the server is shutting down, and it is a shame that you had to be banned before the server goes down, but that doesn't change the offense and the fact that you're not coming back.

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