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RageGaming. Faction | Ecomony | Shops | PvP Arena

Started by 1bigdog, June 01, 2014, 02:25:49 PM

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Server is Premium only
Server IP:
Server Owner: KickingRG, ImExpecting
Network Website:
Server Website:
Server Progress: 100% (Ready to play and online 99.9%)
Not Whitelisted
All current plugins are enabled and setup 100%
Looking for staff
Now has multicraft control pannel for full server control ( )
55 GB of ram supporting 3000 players and 100 plugins!
Server Description:
Rage Gaming is a community that used to focus on a Steam game called Garry's Mod.
We currently have 4 servers around Garry's Mod and plan to add more in the future.
Recently we decided to expand our servers and head over to Minecraft.
With our trained coders and well creative builders we are bringing one of the best factions servers around Minecraft.

What we offer on our server:

- Factions
- PvP
- Shops
- Economy
- Well trained and friendly staff
- And much more!

We have the best software for running a Minecraft server that way you play without lag!
56GB RAM and a Quad quore proccessor you will have no lag and play with breeze.

Come check us out now!

Can't wait to see you there!
Tags:   Rage, Gaming, Factions, PVP, Shop, Faction
Credit:   AOCreation, RoflJason, xXxbigdogXx, KickingRG, ImExpecting, AhadMC, TreeDB

I am a Developer / builder (Builds spawns, ect. / Admin.

This server project was started 1 week ago.

This server is now Complete

Pictures of the server (spawn's some factions, motd, welcome message ect.
Main Spawn

Main server spawn (Top view)
Built by: AOCreation, xXxbigdogXx

Main server spawn (Spawn room)
Built by: AOCreation, xXxbigdogXx

Main server spawn (portal to PvP arena)
Built by: AOCreation, xXxbigdogXx

Main server spawn (portal to factions)
Built by: AOCreation, xXxbigdogXx

Main server spawn (portal to donator only area)
Built by:AOCreation, xXxbigdogXx

Factions Spawn (buffed up version of classic KCv2 survival spawn (SS)

Side View
Built by: AOCreation
Modified by: xXxbigdogXx

Warp room view
Built by AOCreation, xXxbigdogXx
Modified by: KickingRG

Water drop down
Made by: xXxbigdogXx
modified by: AOCreation, KickingRG

bottom of tower
Made by: AOCreation
Modified by: xXxbigdogXx

Server motd

PvP arena

Top view
Built by: AOCreation

Closer look

Spawn in view

Server global donator access only EXP spawner (permission still work in progress)

Spawn in view
Made by: xXxbigdogXx
Remolded by: KickingRG and AOCreation

Spawner view

I believe with enough work and access I can restart KCv2 from where it left off with all it's worlds and ranks and core concepts!

I need YOUR help to ensure a smooth new beginning. Reply to this post with "Let us bring back the infamous KCv2!"

If you have active contact with Kaise123 please tell him to contact me! I am eager to get the files necessary.