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Still lingering about

Started by TheAmazingBobert, August 14, 2014, 11:55:16 AM

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Hey Guys... I know that many still visit the forums in hopes of news and Activity from old friends here, but I thought that I might as well make a thread about those of us that are still lingering about... What we're doing now, and things of that sort, you basically just give an update so that we can keep caught up with eachother...

Mine: 8/13/2014 (august 13)

- as you all know myself and some of the other staff did setup another server shortly before KaiseCraft shutdown... and ironically it Launched the day that KaiseCraft did go down, it ran for a month and we did get a nice amount of traffic even though we didn't have much and were a work in progress... our server was setup very similar to KCv2 it even had a statue of Kai at spawn... we had our survival and creative world and were well on our way to working ourselves up to a very setup server.... After that though.. we learned why kai was always talking about how expensive a server is... not even including the extra stuff you need to pay for to make it function well, shortly after we found this out combined with a lack of Donations and people who stayed(Another issue that KCv2 ran into) we shut down... ironically we shut down July 4th just a month after KCv2 went down After that the Staff members and some of the members all kept in touch through a Skype Chat but the chat began to stray from keeping a server running... to more of the day to day rambling and now I think like myself many of the KCv2 have lost interest in MC, I've removed most Minecraft Launchers from my computer... cleared my modpacks and folders and I've deleted all of my Screenshots... But I do still linger on KCv2's Forums Because as far as I care this will always be a home that I can return to... even if there aren't many people here... but up to that point not much else has happened.
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14/08/2014 (08/14/2014 for you Amerifags)

>Found link in Chromes new tab list of pages
>Saw there were posts
>Made a reply to this one

>Story of my life

One Direction - Story of My Life


no... pls martin... martin pls no...

"Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick, it will take you far" -Teddy Roosevelt
"Things do not happen. Things are made to happen." - John F. Kennedy


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Stahp Martin...

Anyway I'm still around haha. I logged in today and saw a bunch of unread posts like ':D people care still sometimes maybe'
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