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Help & Support / My mansion is now owned by someone else
« on: December 21, 2013, 07:25:32 PM »
Since school started and due to some other problems, I couldn't play on the server for some months. Yesterday I logged in, just to find out that my mansion wasn't even mine. It is now named BigHome and it is owned by Spyro XI. I don't have permission on it and also my room is half destroyed. My chests aren't even locked. I had my most valuable stuff in there. One chest was almost full of diamonds, another one had many enhanced books etc. Also two dragon eggs I had are now gone. The only people who had permission on the mansion were me, AndytheReapper, tony150, chronotheone and Night_Fury.The first 3, are people I know in real life. As far I know they didn't do anything and I don't think that Night_Fury did all these, because the mansion is now owned by Spyro XI. Can anyone tell me what is going on?
(To visit the mansion do /warp mansion)

Well, not everything has been fixed. Deadshot retransfered my mansion from the old world but there are still some errors.

OK the coords are -79,74,-36 but is there any way to bring the village and the mansion back to their previous situation?

Today I logged into the server and I found half of my mansion and my village missing! I lost most of my chests and a trade sign I had in front of my mansion with about 300-350 diamonds.I do not know what happened but  there is a huge straight line that starts from my village and ends near spawn, it also leads you off the world. After an error today everyone was kicked out of the server. I remember Yellow and Matty_Riko were online when this happened and they can confirm it. When I logged in after this error, I fell out of the world and lost all of my items. This happened despite the fact that when I got kicked out by this error I wasn't above the line I mentioned before.
Does anyone know what happened and can any admin or mod bring my mansion and my village to their previous situation?

Builder Applications / Builder Application
« on: June 15, 2013, 08:35:16 PM »
My IGN is nikos404 and I've been playing on this server for about two months. I am applying for the builder rank because I need the items builders can spawn as they are more useful and more necessary than the items citizens can spawn. I also need the 75x75 areas because I have some projects about more complex buildings that will include redstone builds.
I have two buildings on this server. The first one is my home and the second one is my mansion.
I will attach some pictures of my home but for the mansion I had to make a video because it had many rooms and consequently I would have to take many pictures. I uploaded the video on youtube because the maximum total attachment size on the forum was 6MB.
If you want to visit my home on the server the coordinates are: -231, 73, 356
If you want to visit my mansion on the server the coordinates are: -535, 71, -46

The video I uploaded on YouTube: My MineCraft Mansion on KCv2 Server

Engineer Applications / Re: Applying Again
« on: June 07, 2013, 07:28:28 PM »
Support: I believe that she is totally worth becoming an engineer! Her builds are cool and surely fulfill the requirements of the engineer rank!

Citizen Applications / Citizen Application
« on: May 20, 2013, 09:22:57 PM »
I want to be a citizen in order to be able to protect more areas and have more buildings.
IGN: nikos404
Time on server: About 3 weeks

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