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News / Forums reinstated + SSL Setup
October 08, 2018, 05:59:13 PM
Hey all,

Been a while since anything was actually done around here, and I am well aware the forums were down for some time due to a server issue. I was able to get that all sorted out.

Figured it was worth posting that the entirety of the site (Forums, Image upload page, URL shorterner, any any other bits that some users might still be using) are now secured with SSL, as they should be in this day and age (Especially for a site that includes logging in).

If anyone has any questions, let me know!
As the server has now officially closed, I am making both the server files themselves and the worlds available for anyone to download.

To run the server, you just need to add the worlds (If you want KCv2's worlds, Read below for more info) and run 'rtoolkit.bat' in the server directory. Some slight reconfigurations have been made to make it slightly easier for anyone to run the server, so no additional software or databases are required. Also, For privacy and security reasons, the following files have been removed from the server: Chat/command logs, AuthMe database of passwords, Salts and checksums of passwords used to connect to the console, MySQL database passwords. Because it is still in MySQL format, the McMMO stats have also been removed but you can get them from me on request. Also, The CoreProtect database is not supplied because of the huge size of it.

The server is supplied as one seperate download from the worlds to save bandwidth. To use it, You can download the server as-is and it will be identical to KCv2, however it will not have the worlds. If you want to add the worlds in, you simply need to download them and extract them into the server directory before starting the server.

The server has been completely updated to 1.7.9 and tested to run stably. For future versions you will of course need to update the server and any plugins requiring an update.


KCv2 Server Files (Plugins, Configuration, Etc) ~100MB
Main World ~2.8GB
Main Nether ~100MB
Main 'The End' ~10MB
Survival World ~1.6GB
Survival Nether ~140MB
Pixel World ~2MB

You may use any of this content as you wish. It's not officially supported however if you have an quick questions feel free to ask. Enjoy :)
The time has now come to close down KCv2. I have a couple of things that might be useful for people to know.

Firstly, There is now a KCv2 Afterserver. This is hosted on my own computer in Adelaide, so therefore there will obviously be lag. Why would I keep the server up here, you might ask? Well, A few reasons. Firstly, Many users probably want to get their builds from the server, so the AfterServer is set up in a way that allows 'Self-Serve' build exporting for ALL users. Another reason is that I felt pretty sad closing the doors entirely, so I thought I could keep it up for a little while for nostalgic purposes.

To access the afterserver, Connect to

If you have exported a build you can access it here:
You can use the 'filter' option to search or just look for it.

To export a build:
On this server, Previous KCv2 staff still have their ranks so they can change things if needed, But no players are able to modify the world in any way. Every player has access to creating warps, flying, teleporting to homes, selecting with WorldEdit, And exporting their selection. This quick overview gives you a basic idea on how to do so.

Firstly, Find what you want to export. Now, Select the area that contains whatever you are exporting with a wooden axe. You can get one with the command /i 271
If you are not familiar with selecting in this way, You may wish to do some research or ask for help. Look here:

Now, Use the copy command to put the selected area in the clipboard: //copy

Finally, Save the copied area to a schematic: //schematic save <filename> make sure you change '<filename>' to a meaningful name that you can remember.

You can now download the file from

Thats about it. Keep in touch.
There is now only around 74 hours of KCv2 left. If you have anything you want to do with the server, now is the time.

This announcement is basically to say that if you have any builds on the server that you would like exported for any reason, There are 2 ways to go about getting them. The best way is to ask an online Level 4 or above staff member to export them as a schematic file, And make sure you ask for a memorable name so that I know what to give you. The other way is to have a warp created in the location that the build to be exported is at so that I can later export it for you. If you are unable to get it exported or create a warp, You can supply coordinates to me but only as a last resort.

Once the build is exported or the warp created, Either PM or Email the name of the schematic or warp to me. Do NOT Skype me as the request will be lost by the time I get to it. Then, The file containing your build will be sent after the server has been shut down.

Edit: 2000th Post! I guess I got there eventually ;P
For those of you who haven't seen the Email I sent out, and for everyone who was interested enough to come and get some more detailed information, Here's the place.

The server will be closed from the 4th of June 2014.

QuoteHey everyone,

As some of you may have heard going around, I've made the decision to shut down KCv2. While I know that to many of the still active members this is a sad announcement, I think it's the best decision that can be made. As there are few players active on the server these days, the drive to keep things maintained and the donations has decreased to the point where continuing the server is no longer enjoyable or sustainable.

The server will close down on the 4th of June, 2014.

Some further information will be provided on the forums, if any of you are interested enough to go and look at it. There will, in coming weeks, be downloads available for the server itself along with all the worlds.

Lastly, I'd just like to say thanks to everyone who was part of the community throughout the life of the server. Without the people I know/knew IRL who helped build things at the servers beginning, the other staff from the server, and of course all the players who kept the place alive and donated to the server, it would never have come this far. So thankyou for being a part of the server.

Kai Waugh - Kaise123 - KCv2 Founder
KCv2 Staff

Some detail:

Basically, With the server as it is, there isn't a lot of traffic. That means fewer staff, fewer donations, and less drive to keep the server running. I think a lot of this is because Minecraft as a whole is no longer as popular as it once was, but I also accept that some of the reasoning is KCv2 specific, mainly that the style of the server and the way it's run may not be appealing to a lot of the current audience.

After running a server for around 4 years on and off, I don't have a lot of drive to work with it anymore. To keep a server popular, there are a lot of people to please and limits on knowledge, time, and sometimes money that make it hard to do everything that people want. With few people who know how to properly maintain a relatively complex server like KCv2, I feel that there is no real benefit in continuing it.


Anybody who donated within the 3 months up until the 4th of June will have the money refunded via PayPal. The remaining donations will be divvied out based on what the community wants. It's likely that they will be donated to kickstart a new server, if a suitable one can be found (I am aware that several staff members may be starting their own server).

If you have any issues with your donation or refund, Just let me know.

KCv2 Files, Misc

As has been done in the past, The files for KCv2 will be available for download here on the forums. The server will be available on it's own, and each individual world will also be available separately. Some select files will be removed from this download for security reasons (Players account information from AuthMe, Chat/command logs, stored passwords). Correct restoration of all files will require a MySQL server or a conversion of some MySQL tables back to flatfiles.

The server's address may stay 'up' for some time to inform joiners of the shut down when they attempt to join. Afterwards, It may redirect to a replacement server if someone starts one up. 

As I already said thanks to everyone in my newsletter, I won't do it again. But I would like to say that if you want to come back on to the forums and post anything, please do. The forums will remain up and relatively maintained, and it'd be awesome if some of you dropped by to say hi every so often.

As always, questions and other feedback welcome, Thanks everyone :)
Other / Kaise123's PC Build - April 2014
April 29, 2014, 11:16:11 AM
I've just recently finished building my new PC, So I thought I'd post it here for some bragging rights :P


CPU: Intel i7 4930K (Stock 3.4Ghz, Currently at 4.4Ghz)
GPU: GT 780 Ti 3GB - Currently: 1190Mhz Clock, 1950Mhz Memory)
RAM: 16GB G.Skill Ripjaws - 2133Mhz
Motherboard: ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition
Storage: 500GB Samsung PM830 SSD, 2x3TB in RAID0 = 6TB
Cooling: XSPC D5, Raystorm CPU block, XSPC Razor GPU block

News / Forums Update - 30/03/2014
March 30, 2014, 03:30:15 PM
Hey all, Just some news regarding the forums here. As you all know, The forums have been down a fair bit recently with the 503 error, And I have finally had a chance to do something about it. The error was caused by a process on the web server becoming unresponsive, just for and not for any of the other domains. This has (hopefully) been permanently rectified by moving the subdomain to a different instance of Apache.

This caused some significant downtime between the 29th and 30th, Sorry for the inconvenience. However, In the time that it was down the forums have been completely reinstalled and set up from scratch. Hopefully, This will make sure they perform a lot better as many modifications have been removed, And the databases cleaned out. I have also changed some security settings to help prevent the spam that has been reported recently. New users are now required to verify their Email address on registration, the captcha difficulty has been increased and other measures such as firewall have been implemented.  If there are any issues with the forums, please reply here or send me a PM, As it's likely some things are not completely set up as they are supposed to be. Hopefully I didn't forget anything important though.

And finally, I have installed a new theme on the forums as default. If I could get some feedback it would be great, As I'm still not entirely sure if I want to keep it or not. If you do not like the new theme or would just like to go back to how the forums were, you can change back to the old theme from Profile>Modify Profile>Look and Layout>Current Theme (Click Change)>Light Theme>Use this theme.

Hey all, I've made a few changes and fixed a few things on the server (Probably broken some too, please let me know!)

Firstly, you will no longer be killed for PvPLogging if you hit a mob. It will only tag you with players now (Changed plugin as the option on the last one didn't work)

Next, I've fixed the Enchanting, but had to change plugin as the previous one has not been updated and is now incompatible. The new commands are:

/enchant natural - Enchant an object with its natural enchantments (depends on the held item!) Example: Diamond Pickaxe >>> Silk Touch, Efficiency, Fortune, Unbreaking

/enchant remove [none/enchantment] - With only one command remove all those enchantments on your item! (One argument removes everything, two arguments removes the given enchantment)

/enchants - List of all the available enchants in Minecraft

Yes, I will re-add the ability to choose the enchantments you put on the item, but for now you have to take all of them.

PLEASE Let me know when there are things that don't work properly on the server or things that you think need doing. If you don't report it, I can't find out!
Hey all, Just need to let you know that I have changed some of the default settings for factions. It's important that you know that Offline Explosions are now ENABLED. This means that you need to make sure your builds are protected from TNT cannons, etc.

You can now also warp out of F enemy territory, and use enderpearls, as long as you are not within 25 blocks of an enemy.
General Info / Inactivity over Christmas period
December 25, 2013, 10:25:56 AM
Hey all, Just letting you know that I won't be around very much between now and the 1st of January. I'm going away with some friends and then have new years parties and such to attend. I might get on every so often, But I won't be all that active.

If anything important comes up, I'll likely respond to Viber/SMS (+61451661296) quickly, But failing that eMail me and I'll get it on my phone.

Merry Christmas all :)

PS: An Elite account will be given out as a Christmas present. Not entirely sure how to choose yet, But I'll work it out :)
As many of you know, some plugins have been added to the server recently but are not yet available to use. I've started configuring them now, But as I've only got limited time available I cannot confirm when I will finish. Either way, you'll be able to use the changes I make as soon as I make them.

As I can't get on the server much, I would appreciate it if people could give me feedback on what should be changed/added it would be great.

So far, I've set up permissions for Craftbook for Citizens and Engineers in the main world:

[spoiler=Citizen/W:M Craftbook Permissions]
      - craftbook.mech.ammeter.use
      - craftbook.mech.cauldron.use
      - craftbook.mech.chair.use
      - craftbook.mech.cook
      - craftbook.mech.cook.refuel
      - craftbook.mech.door
      - craftbook.mech.door.use
      - craftbook.mech.door.restock
      - craftbook.mech.elevator.use
      - craftbook.mech.gate.use
      - craftbook.mech.headdrops.kill
      - craftbook.mech.headdrops.break
      - craftbook.mech.bookshelf.use
      - craftbook.mech.signcopy.use
      - craftbook.mech.teleporter.use

I have now added permissions to engineer. The Craftbook Wiki is poorly formatted and outdated, so it will take some time to get permissions from here as I learn more about the plugin. Enjoy the additions. There will be more added to engineer, I think.

[spoiler=Engineer/W:M Craftbook Permissions]
        - craftbook.mech.leads
        - craftbook.mech.leads.mobs.*
        - craftbook.mech.pistons.bounce
        - craftbook.mech.pistons.crush
        - craftbook.mech.pistons.supersticky
        - craftbook.mech.pistons.superpush
        - craftbook.mech.bridge
        - craftbook.mech.bridge.restock
        - craftbook.mech.elevator
        - craftbook.mech.gate
        - craftbook.mech.dgate
        - craftbook.mech.gate.restock
        - craftbook.mech.hiddenswitch
        - craftbook.mech.hiddenswitch.use
        - craftbook.mech.light-switch
        - craftbook.mech.lightstone.use
        - craftbook.mech.paintingswitch.use
        - craftbook.mech.teleporter
        - craftbook.mech.area.sign.area
        - craftbook.mech.area.sign.savearea
        - craftbook.mech.area.use
        - craftbook.mech.area.list.namespace
        - craftbook.mech.area.list.all
        - craftbook.mech.area.list.self
        - craftbook.mech.area.command.toggle
        - craftbook.mech.area.delete.self
        - craftbook.mech.treelopper.use
        - craftbook.mech.treelopper.sapling
        - craftbook.mech.xpstore.use
        - craftbook.circuits.pipes

Update - 5/01/2013
Added today:
Factions+ Has been added and configured, You may now create up to 5 warps in your own Faction territory. Read for commands.

Heroes has been added to the server, but not yet configured. I will configure and add permissions for it in the coming days, and also finish everything off for CommandBook. Please report bugs if you find any.

Sorry it's taking a while, I've been pretty busy lately with work and other general stuff, so haven't had much time to put into this. It's happening, albeit slowly!

I'll continue and update this post as I set things up. If you see permissions you can use, Please do test them and see how they go. And of course, if you are a rank higher all earlier permissions apply to you. If you don't know what they mean, don't worry. A proper announcement will be made when everything is done :)
News / News - 13/12/2013: Minecraft 1.7, Wiki
December 13, 2013, 11:36:03 PM
It's been a while since my last news article, So Here it comes. There's not a lot to report on but there are a few important things to take note of.

Minecraft 1.7.X Update:
After a very long wait the server is finally on official builds of Spigot 1.7.2. This means that all the 1.7 features that were missing before will now be available for use. These are still fairly early development builds, But so far everything seems to be running well. As usual please report any issues on the forums.

For members using TooManyItems to try and spawn items, It currently has a bug that prevents it from working with the server. This SEEMS to be an issue on the TMI side of things, and not the server. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

The server now has an official Wiki. This will hopefully provide a centralized and well organised location for information and documentation on the server. Over the coming days and weeks, Most information from the Help & Support forum will be transferred on to the Wiki so that you can easily search for, and access server documentation. The wiki is much easier to navigate than the current layout on the forums.

To get this Wiki properly up and running, we also rely on the community and staff to contribute. While I will try and get as much information in as possible, I can't think of everything and nor do I have enough time to completely fill out all information. The Wiki allows ALL users to contribute and edit the information. If you have anything you would like to add, Please head on over and create or edit some pages for us. All support is very welcome, and if enough quality information is contributed there are some rewards up for offer (2 Elite accounts for 2 people deemed to have submitted a lot of useful information).

The Wiki can be accessed via the Menu at the top of the forums, or just go straight to
Unfortunately, a small number of users will have some issues joining the server. This is because we require a standard naming regime for all players with one case. If you're in game name is KaISe123, and you log in as Kaise123, It will not allow you to connect. You must use the correct case.

This is to fix the issues with users being kicked from factions for no reason. It will only affect around 294 people out of the total of 6,000+ players in the database. If you join and discover that you no longer have the correct items, are in the wrong location or are not able to join at all, PLEASE contact me with the name you usually use to join the server (Specifically the CaSe of it). It is very simple for me to rectify, but I just need to know it :)

The error you get will look something like this:

However, This is because of the way 1.7 interprets color codes, And it no longer fits. It should be saying this: Invalid uppercase and lowercase letters in name.
Please spell this name like "kaise123".
As I'm currently testing Minecraft 1.7.2, And waiting for the fantastic people over at Minecraft Coder Pack to update so that mods can update, I was thinking that it would be convenient for most people to have access to a newer version of the game without having to wait for me to gather mods, and get the time to piece it all together.

My idea is a different branch of the KaiseClient - A lite version that will be released shortly (<2 weeks) after each update. I'm going to create the first edition of this today if all goes well.

It will either include no, or a very limited set of mods, and will be kept separate from the standard version. What does everyone think/Does anyone have any input towards an idea like this?
General Info / [Guide] Complete KCv2 Player Reference
November 01, 2013, 07:51:31 PM
KCv2 Player Reference
An in-depth guide to all that makes KCv2
Last updated by Kaise123 on the 10th of November 2013 Reason: Additions/Continuation of writing initial post

First of all, You are likely here because you are new to the server. Thanks for choosing KCv2! In this guide, I'd like to make most things that might not be immediately obvious clear, along with a few tips and tricks to get you on your way. Enjoy the read and please leave feedback!

In case you didn't know, The server's IP is

I'll start off with basics. I'll assume that you know how to play Minecraft, so nothing like that will be covered here, this entire guide is KCv2 specific.

First Time Playing:     Covered in this section: what first time players should do. Skip this if you are already an established member or think you are smart ;)
So, You just joined? Well, Here's a basic step-by-step list of things you should probably know before moving on to the rest of the list:

1.) Logging in. When you first join the server, you need to set up a password for your account*. To do so, use the register command (Replace apple with a password of your own choice)
/register apple apple
You need to make sure you remember your password, as you will need to use it every time you join the server. To log back in, just use /login YOURPASSWORD

2.) Choose what you want to do. If you just want to be a part of the freebuild world, you are already there! Just find a free place to build and your set. There are some warps to get out of spawn around the place on signs, or you can simply follow the path. You can also teleport around with /tpa, if you have a friend to teleport to.

3.) Protecting. In the Main** world, you need to protect your builds. If you don't anyone can come and destroy them or steal your items. To protect, you can do it yourself by following the guide at OR by asking any online staff member.

4.) You should read this guide, or keep it in a place so that you can refer to it if you don't know something. There's a lot of useful information in it.

* If you can't log in, as it says you are banned or for some other reason, make sure you have chosen a unique name to log in with. You choose a username when you log in to the client.
** Information about the different worlds is in a section below

Basic Server Information:
KCv2 is professionally hosted in Los Angeles, on a VPS. Most areas of the world should get a reasonable connection, depending on your internet. Keep in mind that where you live may be causing you lag, if you are getting any. Playing is optimal in the U.S.

The server reboots every 8 hours to keep everything running smoothly. Reboots should take between 40 seconds and 2 minutes.

The server rules are HERE and will not be included in this guide.

Ranks:     Covered in this section: Links to rank information, Staff leveling system
The player rank guide is here, On it's own page HERE. Please refer to it for any information regarding the order or how to obtain ranks on the server.

Players that have donated to the server, and have the rank VIP or above have the privilege of changing their prefix. This is not a different rank, merely a cosmetic change.

KCv2 Staff are organised by Levels, with the lowest level being 1, and the highest being 7. Their roles are as follows:

Level 1 {Moderator}: A basic, New Moderator. Can perform basic kicks, limited WorldEdit, has limited staff privileges
Level 2 {Moderator}: A standard Moderator that has access to WorldEdit, A wide range of commands for controlling players on the server, basic staff privileges
Level 3 {Senior Moderator}: A higher level of Moderator. Level 3's have more responsibility than lower levels, and have access to a plethora of commands for assisting players and other staff members.
Level 4 {Senior Moderator}: The same as Level 3, But now has the ability to accept/deny Citizen and Builder applications, and has more of an input throughout the server's administration.
Level 5 {Basic Administrator}: A Level 5 can now accept/deny Engineer applications, and has much more involvement with the server's politics. Has input on staff promotions in lower ranks.
Level 6 {Head Administrator}: Has all commands on server. What they say goes against all but a Level 7
Level 7 {Owner/Co-Owner}: Makes executive server decisions. Pays for the server. Has final word on all other ranks.

While it might not seem that you need to know the information on each staff rank, You may be wondering what each tag means in game. Each staff member has at least it's basic rank in the prefix (Moderator, Sr. Moderator or Administrator), And in the player list (Default key TAB) they have their level number before their name.

Worlds:     Covered in this section: How the worlds work, brief info on what you can do in each, and what the world prefixes mean
KCv2 uses Multiverse to manage multiple worlds. For simplicity, I'm going to say that KCv2 has 2 'universes'. The world that you start in [W:M] (More is covered on what the [W:X] tags mean later in this section) and [W:S]

There are 3 worlds in the [W:M] universe:  [W:M] being the Main World, Where you spawn for the first time and most building happens. Then, There is  [W:MN], Main World Nether, being The Nether that you get to after going through a portal in the main world and then  [W:ME], Main World End.

In the [W:S] universe, there are only 2 worlds, these are [W:S] Survival World and [W:SN] Survival Nether World.

In these 2 universes, Everything is separated. If you mine something and pick it up in the main world, it will only be available in that universe (Main world, Main world Nether and Main World End). If you go into Survival, You will not have your items from the Main World with you. The same goes for Enchanting levels, hunger, health, enderchest, etc.

Hopefully that somewhat explains the 2 areas that make up KCv2. Now, Here is some information about the universes:

The Main universe is the one that you spawn in. It's a large area roughly 16,000 blocks across. This is the Freebuild/Creative universe, Where you are pretty free to do whatever you want. All ranks are allowed to fly, and starting from the free rank of Citizen, you can spawn certain items. See the ranks section as to what items each rank has access to. In this universe, you may use most mods, cheats, etc so long as they do not interrupt other players enjoyment of the game. PvP is disabled by default, and requires both parties to use the /pvp command to hurt each-other. Creepers don't blow up your work, TNT doesn't explode and fire doesn't spread. It's a pretty all-round friendly sort of area to play in. You may protect your own builds in this world to prevent griefing, or you can ask staff members to protect for you.
You can view a map of the Main World here: (Only the main world is available to view)

The Survival universe, consisting of just the Survival World and Survival Nether, is a vanilla-factions based Survival world. Everyone in this world is the same rank (Survivor). It is an entirely legitimate survival/PVP/Raiding world with factions. Here you must fend for yourself, And can PVP with other players and raid their bases. Anyone can access this world by warping: /warp survivalspawn however only those who are Citizen or above can create or join a faction. It's recommend that you know how to use factions in this world, as it's pretty much a fend for yourself area. There is no protection here, other then via factions claiming, and raiding is allowed.
You can view a map of the Survival World here: [LINK]

In the chat, you know what world you are in, and what world other players are in by the first prefix:
[W:M] = The main world that you spawn in. It stands for World:Main
[W:MN] = The Main/Freebuild Universe's Nether. It stands for World:Main Nether
[W:ME] = The Main/Freebuild Universe's End. It stands for World:Main End
[W:S] = The Survival World. It stands for World:Survival
[W:SN] = The Survival Universe's Nether. It stands for World:Survival Nether

Chat:     Covered in this section: The different sections in the chat, and what they mean, the playerlist
There are quite a number of sections to KCv2's chat. I'm going to briefly detail the meaning of all of them in this section, along with what each prefix means in the playerlist (Tab or P, Depending on your client, by default)

In the chat:
There are essentially five parts to the chat on KCv2. You have the world you are in first, Then your faction if you are a part of one, Then your prefix (Or 2, if you have a custom one), Then your name, And then the chat.

The world will always be in the format shown in the Worlds section above. It will look like this in game:

The Faction part will only show if you are a member of a faction. It will change color depending on your allegiance to the faction (Red for Enemies, Purple/pink for neutral, darker purple for allies). It will also have either a +, a *, a ** infront of it depending on the user's rank in the faction. It will look similar to this:

The prefix part will change depending on the rank, and VIP's and above can have custom ones, and an additional prefix. It will be in black brackets and look like this, but the text will change by rank:

After that, you simply have your name and then the text/chat that was written.

In the playerlist:
In KaiseClient, The default button for the playerlist is 'P'. In the default Minecraft client it's 'TAB'. KCv2 has a prefix on each player in the list so that it makes it easy to identify ranks of those online.

All player ranks have a BLUE prefix with their rank's initial inside it. That is,

[G] = Guest rank
[C] = Citizen rank
[B] = Builder rank
[En] = Engineer rank
[V] = VIP rank
[El] = Elite rank

All standard staff members have an ORANGE prefix with their level in it, And all Senior staff have a RED prefix and name with their level in it. There is more information about staff levels in the ranks section of this guide, above.

Miscellaneous:     Covered in this section: Anything that doesn't fit well into other sections

God items information:
A 'God item' is any item, including items not normally enchantable, that is beyond it's normal enchantment capacity. Generally, This would refer to a tool or armour that has been enchanted to it's max level on all enchantments.
On KCv2, The only way to get these items is to buy them from staff, Using the command '/enchant all' if you are the VIP ran or higher, or to win them in PvP. There are strictly set prices for these items. They are as follows:
Leggings, Helmet, Boots: $85,000ea
Chestplate: $100,000ea
Swords and Axes: $75,000ea
Pickaxes, Spades, Hoes: $25,000ea
Misc Items: $5,000ea

The reason the prices are so high is that they are VERY powerful items. Cheaper items cause unbalance on the server when far too many people get them.

-Work in progress-
General Info / BattleArena and BattleTracker
October 08, 2013, 01:42:47 AM
The 2 plugins BattleArena and BattleTracker have been added to the server. BattleTracker tracks your PvP and PvE information, and will display it on leaderboards at spawn. You can Right click the signs to find your personal information.

BattleArena adds a plethora of Arena options. All players have permission to use it, and it's available in all worlds. Check out the Wiki for it:

Reply if you want any help or info :)
I'm making this topic to provide a place where any accepted suggestions, changes 'in the works', ideas floating around, severe changes to existing server features and also additions of plugins.

- Added 'BattleTracker' plugin. [LINK]
- Changeover: Essentials Chat to MChat.
- Added 'BattleArena' Plugin [LINK]

- Legendary Weapons


- Staff ranking system overhaul - Based on levelling system. Scheduled around the 13th of October.

Not all ideas/points here will be added. They are just the ideas currently being discussed by staff. While most of them will be implemented, Don't necesarily rely on all of them.
General Info / KCv2 Official TeamSpeak Server
September 30, 2013, 07:33:42 PM
I don't actually think I've made an official post about this despite the fact that it's been available for quite some time now.

KCv2 Has an official TeamSpeak 3 server. It's pretty basic at the moment because nobody uses it, However I thought it would probably be a good idea to publicise it a bit, and expand on it if needed. For those who don't know what TeamSpeak is, It's a free piece of software that lets you join a server to chat with other users. It's sort of like Skype but you don't need to add friends to talk, and you can use different channels and things depending on what you want to talk about. It's availiable for free from:

The address is
It currently supports 32 users concurrently.

If you have any suggestions for the TS server reply below (Channels to add, etc). I'll be on from time to time as I am able to use TeamSpeak on my own internet due to the fact that the server is hosted (Not just P2P) so if there's no other incentive, Join so you can talk to me :P

Hope to see you there.
Other / Overwolf - Non-Intrusive UI overlay for PC Gamers
September 24, 2013, 04:07:07 AM
I just came across something called Overwolf, It's a neat program that allows you to access various IM applications like Skype and Facebook chat, As well as bring up a browser without having to alt tab out of the game/application you are in. It also has lots of extra add-ons you can download for it (Screen capture, notes, etc). I've found it great for Skyrim.

Overwolf Demo 080711
Other / Favourite Anime/Suggestions/What are you watching?
September 24, 2013, 04:03:38 AM
As I well know there are many Anime fans in the community, So I thought I'd ask what everyone's favourite is. I know there's been another similar topic to this before on the forums, but it was more about people's favorite style.

I'll start the ball rolling and say that my favourite Anime is currently Sword Art Online. Although... I just finished Angel Beats and that was amazing also.
I'm now watching Mirai Nikki, But I'm always looking for suggestions on what to download next! So what are people's favourites/What are they watching at the moment?