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Possible Kaise123 like server!


Hello. I would like to reintroduce myself here. When I was 10 years old I got my first computer, haha the one I'm using and had been using for the last 7 years to make this forums post. When I got MC it was a cracked version and well it was evidently Kaise's client. When I first joined KCv2 I was instantly banned for threatening to hack someones computer over a petty build. Since then I had enemies and allies. KCv2 had a strong community and a everlasting one as it welcomed people who don't have the cash to buy an account. Over the next few months with hopefully the support of the former moderators administrators and kaise himself I would like to jump start the good old engine that is the KCv2 and ServerCraft community. I will welcome ALL banned people to a fresh start. I would also like to have the old spawn and have the same world identification.

In the wake of the shutdown of KCv2 and ScavengeCraft just a year later and the few months running phenix realms I would like to use the old and good system of KCv2 that has been in years of running. But I don't want this to be a project that I work on and don't get anyone to join. So I Invite everyone to join the server as soon as it is made available here! Yes even Ciztii the one who destroyed the spawn. I will be using the directly downloaded server that was provided the day of the shutdown.

When kaise said that the minecraft image was dying he was right at the time. Now there are servers shutting down like crazy because they utilize games that move away from the core concept. The server Kaise had up was something that focused on minecraft. I believe now better than any time is the best time to bring KCv2 back and it will make way in the community as it shrinks to stable levels. I believe if we collaborate together we can find a way to bring KCv2 back. Because no server is as close to KCv2 as the one and only. They may come close but never any cigars!

Kaise if you want to start one I will move out the way so you can. But if you still think your server will be still quiet back when it was dying off because of the emerging mini game servers then I will prove that your server can and will be what it once was! When you see it I can gladly give you control.

For now anyways cheers!

I would like to start from the original KCv2 server files and update or replace the existing plugins. This is the means of redeveloping a 1.12 version of KCv2. Unfortunately the first roadblock is not even 1 hour from this post being made. It would appear as some KCv2 administrator had either deleted the post or moved it to a section of the forums that I do not have access to as a standard user.

The subject was deleted but archived. I've moved it back into general info and locked. We didn't always get along, and certainly we do not hold the same ideals. However I wish you luck on your endeavor. < - The forum topic

Well I really shouldn't of asked for the download I just had to look deeper into the computer to find the files on another user.


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