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Kcv2 IRL Then vs Now


I was looking through the forum today because I occasionally come through for maintenance. Keeping bots off the site updating security and plugins the forum uses and what not, and I saw the old selfie thread, and saw myself from 3 years ago; Gotta be honest, I used to look pretty cringe, I probably still do, not that I'd know. Anyway, It made me want to make a KCV2 Then Vs now, selfie thread, so here it is.


--- Quote from: TheAmazingBobert on July 09, 2017, 01:11:59 PM ---Then:
   <Second image from the selfie thread had the formatting break, I couldn't post it.>



--- End quote ---

Wow, yeah that thread was a long time ago. I'll have to dig up a newer one of myself when I'm on a computer and post it...

Everypne on the skype chat should remember how I look. Ill have to dig up an old photo of me and post it. Anyway, Im on my phone at the moment, so aill just put up one from when me and my girlfriend went on vacation this past weekend.

My pictures vanished  :-\ (They did it again lol)
so a more recent photo




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