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With 2018 in full swing i look back and realise I, as a young 13 year old padwan, first logged onto Kai's server over 6 years ago now, and its already been 3 1/2 years since the last iteration shut down for good (RIP in pieces  :'( )

I find myself coming back to this forum every now and then to be pleasantly surprised that I'm always within 6 months of a familiar face making a post somewhere in this group, be it in the shoutbox or on a 4 year old thread.

What I'm saying is, to anyone reading this now and at any point in the future (preferably before i go 6 feet under) if any of you here remember me, the benevolent senior moderator/pseudo admin who went by the name of DEADShot, and to those of you who are old f**ks like me who will know me as KcS / ScS_Roach, feel free to hit me up anytime, be it through a DM on this website, on Steam (deadshotmartini), my Discord (Martin#2574), hell feel free to message me on any of those and ask me for my Facebook page, I've got some of the old players from here on there already (Im looking at you Kai and Jack). My Skype is deadshotmartini as well but lets be honest who uses that anymore.

I'd be cool to catch up, in any way whatsoever, with some people i spoke to for almost half a decade.

Also on the off chance that my boi Zlexy is reading this. I hope you're beating the shit out of those criminals good and proper.

God f**king bless you all


hey deadshot its me man :D its been a long time

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