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Testing the waters


This place has been a bit of a long memory for me now, even though I think there hasn't been that many years had past. Earlier I just happen to stumble upon some old files from a minecraft folder, and found nothing more than a junkyard except for a folder filled with logs of my really old sessions back when I was used to play and when I was within servers. Till all sources just led here. I didn't expect to be back here for a short while just to review some past posts and conversations like any old member would. I'm apparently just leaving this post after passing by, though I don't know if I could be welcomed anymore here or that anyone would recognize me. Although as for someone whose mostly been a nobody during the times, remembering that how not only minecraft but also in a certain server and being the first community I've joined, I can't deny how it has been somewhat a big part to reminisce.

Just testing the waters if the forum is still being actively surveyed till this day (though I've noticed a number of spiders present earlier which is kind of terrifying), but I also just wanna know how you guys have been doing all this time and where have you been after the server ended. Presently I am unable to play games anymore or just maybe for the time being, but I want to know if you guys are still even playing anything.

Its been nice to revisit an old place, ~cheers.


Huh i go on here for the first time in half a year and someone makes a post 24 hours prior.

I went from dabbing on brazilians to dabbing on the haters. Hbu

Im still here and i still play minecraft at i also have an xbox one   my tag is   YaLordSatan  just bought a new tv   and am working on getting my own place    living life


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