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Still alive and Update of my life.


Hi, everyone.

I am writing this post, which is surprising by the existence of this forum. I am a former Kaise123 player.

Let me briefly introduce myself. My name is Tor, with one of my oldest in-game name called 'Thanomsak' (When Kaise123's server is still alive).
Today, I have completely changed my account with my new name as using this name wouldn't be safe for online usage in some circumstances.

I remembered that I joined this server around 2013, which is Year 8. Today, I am studying at a University with one semester left before my graduation. (If you are wondering what am I currently studying, Bachelor of Science (Major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) at the University of Melbourne, Australia)

Firstly, Kaise123 contributes to an important part of my childhood. I grew up from this Minecraft server, and this server is my first online server in my life and my first glance playing in an online world. I remember playing this server with a cracked client (Yes, as Minecraft is not a cheap game for me at the time). My friend 'cmuneuber' (In-game name) introduced me to this server. Today, he is currently studying his second year at the University in Communication Arts.

I remembered my first time playing this server. I was absolutely addicted and played for an entire day. It is also a great way to express myself under my introvert mask with no friends other than this server.

Then after I join this server, I stopped playing due to my lack of time and returned later on several occasions with less activity on the server. Later on, I found out that the Kaise123 server has ended, which is quite sad news. However, I do respect the founder's decision.

For some reason, I decided to come back to this forum to see the vibrant and visit a puzzle piece of my fulfiled childhood, which I definitely do not expect from this forum, as I can assume that the forum is down or inactive. However, I do miss those time. Despite some of my toxic behaviour at the time, and I do regret that, but those were definitely great times. What I definitely learn from this is our world drives so fast than we expected. 5 Years ago seems like five days have passed, and now I am getting older. In a couple of months, I am going for a Master or starting looking for a job or a business.

So, thank you to Kaise123 for keeping this legacy forum and the vibrant ongoing. As mentioned earlier, You played an important part in my childhood and fulfiled my enjoyment as an extreme introvert. Feel free to reply to those who live in Melbourne or in the State of Victoria (Australia). Maybe we can meet up for a cup of coffee whenever I go back to Melbourne.

Lastly, I want to end with this lesson I learnt from a University. For those studying secondary school or University or maybe even working, always keep your memory and remember your times. Even though it could be good or bad or even both, but trust me, when your life progresses, we are all going to be more lonely with a few people who truly support you. You may even die alone with no one at your funeral; who knows, life never includes an element of certainty. We can only predict our life, but we cannot always select our fate and destiny. This is what life is about. One of your friends may be married and have kids with no time to see you. Your parent sadly, at some point, may need to leave you alone in this Universe as their age progresses. But, at the end of the day, it's the memory and love that lasts forever as well as your legacy for your loved ones to be remembered.

Thank you for reading this, and most importantly, thank you, Kaise123. (If you are actually reading this)


Thats good to hear , This server was a good portion of my earlier years of my gaming history .
I got introduced by a friend to this server , we still play together other games just not minecraft anymore.
I am doing good as well , sadly I am in the states on the other side of the world .


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