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KCv2 Player Reference
An in-depth guide to all that makes KCv2Last updated by Kaise123 on the 10th of November 2013 Reason: Additions/Continuation of writing initial post

First of all, You are likely here because you are new to the server. Thanks for choosing KCv2! In this guide, I'd like to make most things that might not be immediately obvious clear, along with a few tips and tricks to get you on your way. Enjoy the read and please leave feedback!

In case you didn't know, The server's IP is server.kaise123.com

I'll start off with basics. I'll assume that you know how to play Minecraft, so nothing like that will be covered here, this entire guide is KCv2 specific.

First Time Playing:     Covered in this section: what first time players should do. Skip this if you are already an established member or think you are smart ;)
So, You just joined? Well, Here's a basic step-by-step list of things you should probably know before moving on to the rest of the list:

1.) Logging in. When you first join the server, you need to set up a password for your account*. To do so, use the register command (Replace apple with a password of your own choice)

--- Code: ---/register apple apple
--- End code ---
You need to make sure you remember your password, as you will need to use it every time you join the server. To log back in, just use /login YOURPASSWORD

2.) Choose what you want to do. If you just want to be a part of the freebuild world, you are already there! Just find a free place to build and your set. There are some warps to get out of spawn around the place on signs, or you can simply follow the path. You can also teleport around with /tpa, if you have a friend to teleport to.

3.) Protecting. In the Main** world, you need to protect your builds. If you don't anyone can come and destroy them or steal your items. To protect, you can do it yourself by following the guide at www.kaise123.com/protection OR by asking any online staff member.

4.) You should read this guide, or keep it in a place so that you can refer to it if you don't know something. There's a lot of useful information in it.

* If you can't log in, as it says you are banned or for some other reason, make sure you have chosen a unique name to log in with. You choose a username when you log in to the client.
** Information about the different worlds is in a section below

Basic Server Information:
KCv2 is professionally hosted in Los Angeles, on a VPS. Most areas of the world should get a reasonable connection, depending on your internet. Keep in mind that where you live may be causing you lag, if you are getting any. Playing is optimal in the U.S.

The server reboots every 8 hours to keep everything running smoothly. Reboots should take between 40 seconds and 2 minutes.

The server rules are HERE and will not be included in this guide.

Ranks:     Covered in this section: Links to rank information, Staff leveling system
The player rank guide is here, On it's own page HERE. Please refer to it for any information regarding the order or how to obtain ranks on the server.

Players that have donated to the server, and have the rank VIP or above have the privilege of changing their prefix. This is not a different rank, merely a cosmetic change.

KCv2 Staff are organised by Levels, with the lowest level being 1, and the highest being 7. Their roles are as follows:

Level 1 {Moderator}: A basic, New Moderator. Can perform basic kicks, limited WorldEdit, has limited staff privileges
Level 2 {Moderator}: A standard Moderator that has access to WorldEdit, A wide range of commands for controlling players on the server, basic staff privileges
Level 3 {Senior Moderator}: A higher level of Moderator. Level 3's have more responsibility than lower levels, and have access to a plethora of commands for assisting players and other staff members.
Level 4 {Senior Moderator}: The same as Level 3, But now has the ability to accept/deny Citizen and Builder applications, and has more of an input throughout the server's administration.
Level 5 {Basic Administrator}: A Level 5 can now accept/deny Engineer applications, and has much more involvement with the server's politics. Has input on staff promotions in lower ranks.
Level 6 {Head Administrator}: Has all commands on server. What they say goes against all but a Level 7
Level 7 {Owner/Co-Owner}: Makes executive server decisions. Pays for the server. Has final word on all other ranks.

While it might not seem that you need to know the information on each staff rank, You may be wondering what each tag means in game. Each staff member has at least it's basic rank in the prefix (Moderator, Sr. Moderator or Administrator), And in the player list (Default key TAB) they have their level number before their name.

Worlds:     Covered in this section: How the worlds work, brief info on what you can do in each, and what the world prefixes mean
KCv2 uses Multiverse to manage multiple worlds. For simplicity, I'm going to say that KCv2 has 2 'universes'. The world that you start in [W:M] (More is covered on what the [W:X] tags mean later in this section) and [W:S]

There are 3 worlds in the [W:M] universe:  [W:M] being the Main World, Where you spawn for the first time and most building happens. Then, There is  [W:MN], Main World Nether, being The Nether that you get to after going through a portal in the main world and then  [W:ME], Main World End.

In the [W:S] universe, there are only 2 worlds, these are [W:S] Survival World and [W:SN] Survival Nether World.

In these 2 universes, Everything is separated. If you mine something and pick it up in the main world, it will only be available in that universe (Main world, Main world Nether and Main World End). If you go into Survival, You will not have your items from the Main World with you. The same goes for Enchanting levels, hunger, health, enderchest, etc.

Hopefully that somewhat explains the 2 areas that make up KCv2. Now, Here is some information about the universes:

The Main universe is the one that you spawn in. It's a large area roughly 16,000 blocks across. This is the Freebuild/Creative universe, Where you are pretty free to do whatever you want. All ranks are allowed to fly, and starting from the free rank of Citizen, you can spawn certain items. See the ranks section as to what items each rank has access to. In this universe, you may use most mods, cheats, etc so long as they do not interrupt other players enjoyment of the game. PvP is disabled by default, and requires both parties to use the /pvp command to hurt each-other. Creepers don't blow up your work, TNT doesn't explode and fire doesn't spread. It's a pretty all-round friendly sort of area to play in. You may protect your own builds in this world to prevent griefing, or you can ask staff members to protect for you.
You can view a map of the Main World here: http://server.kaise123.com:8123/ (Only the main world is available to view)

The Survival universe, consisting of just the Survival World and Survival Nether, is a vanilla-factions based Survival world. Everyone in this world is the same rank (Survivor). It is an entirely legitimate survival/PVP/Raiding world with factions. Here you must fend for yourself, And can PVP with other players and raid their bases. Anyone can access this world by warping: /warp survivalspawn however only those who are Citizen or above can create or join a faction. It's recommend that you know how to use factions in this world, as it's pretty much a fend for yourself area. There is no protection here, other then via factions claiming, and raiding is allowed.
You can view a map of the Survival World here: [LINK]

In the chat, you know what world you are in, and what world other players are in by the first prefix:
[W:M] = The main world that you spawn in. It stands for World:Main
[W:MN] = The Main/Freebuild Universe's Nether. It stands for World:Main Nether
[W:ME] = The Main/Freebuild Universe's End. It stands for World:Main End
[W:S] = The Survival World. It stands for World:Survival
[W:SN] = The Survival Universe's Nether. It stands for World:Survival Nether

Chat:     Covered in this section: The different sections in the chat, and what they mean, the playerlist
There are quite a number of sections to KCv2's chat. I'm going to briefly detail the meaning of all of them in this section, along with what each prefix means in the playerlist (Tab or P, Depending on your client, by default)

In the chat:
There are essentially five parts to the chat on KCv2. You have the world you are in first, Then your faction if you are a part of one, Then your prefix (Or 2, if you have a custom one), Then your name, And then the chat.

The world will always be in the format shown in the Worlds section above. It will look like this in game:

The Faction part will only show if you are a member of a faction. It will change color depending on your allegiance to the faction (Red for Enemies, Purple/pink for neutral, darker purple for allies). It will also have either a +, a *, a ** infront of it depending on the user's rank in the faction. It will look similar to this:

The prefix part will change depending on the rank, and VIP's and above can have custom ones, and an additional prefix. It will be in black brackets and look like this, but the text will change by rank:

After that, you simply have your name and then the text/chat that was written.

In the playerlist:
In KaiseClient, The default button for the playerlist is 'P'. In the default Minecraft client it's 'TAB'. KCv2 has a prefix on each player in the list so that it makes it easy to identify ranks of those online.

All player ranks have a BLUE prefix with their rank's initial inside it. That is,

[G] = Guest rank
[C] = Citizen rank
[B] = Builder rank
[En] = Engineer rank
[V] = VIP rank
[El] = Elite rank

All standard staff members have an ORANGE prefix with their level in it, And all Senior staff have a RED prefix and name with their level in it. There is more information about staff levels in the ranks section of this guide, above.

Miscellaneous:     Covered in this section: Anything that doesn't fit well into other sections

God items information:
A 'God item' is any item, including items not normally enchantable, that is beyond it's normal enchantment capacity. Generally, This would refer to a tool or armour that has been enchanted to it's max level on all enchantments.
On KCv2, The only way to get these items is to buy them from staff, Using the command '/enchant all' if you are the VIP ran or higher, or to win them in PvP. There are strictly set prices for these items. They are as follows:
Leggings, Helmet, Boots: $85,000ea
Chestplate: $100,000ea
Swords and Axes: $75,000ea
Pickaxes, Spades, Hoes: $25,000ea
Misc Items: $5,000ea

The reason the prices are so high is that they are VERY powerful items. Cheaper items cause unbalance on the server when far too many people get them.

-Work in progress-

Added a considerable amount of info to the guide, it's pretty much done. Can anyone think of extra sections to be added?


--- Quote from: Kaise123 on November 04, 2013, 08:10:09 PM ---Added a considerable amount of info to the guide, it's pretty much done. Can anyone think of extra sections to be added?

--- End quote ---
A link to, or, information about god items (rules and regulations on getting them and usage) and PvP'ing outside of survival etc maybe. Maybe something about the mall (if it still exists) and player trading.

Add the IP in there too, for the people who don't know how to play on the server.

Ermm, Is anyone else having this problem http://puu.sh/5cm33.png
I was trying to fix it, but it didn't work.  ???


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