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Hey, I'm Ollie (Teachers call me Oliver so I tend not to use it) I'm of 12 years of age, 13 this year. I'm from England where I have been for my whole life. I've been playing on this server for roughly 2 weeks, maybe more and today I realized that I've made various forum posts and played on the server for a while and haven't introduced myself, so here it is I guess.

IGN: Mr_Creepington / VexxedFlare
IRL Name: Ollie / Oliver
Hobbies: I ride a scooter. I do some trampolining if our trampoline is up. Minecraft (Obviously). Basically anything outside (Not football / basketball / Rugby). During the long winters of England I tend to hibernate and stay indoors.
What PC do I have?: It's a Toshiba NB250 on which I am lucky to get 15FPS unless playing small games / maps like SkyBlock.
How long have I been playing MC?: Mid November 2010 (1.7.3 I think)

So yeah, thats that done, now you know what I'm really like

Hey Ollie! Welcome to the server, and I hope to see you in game more often! Also, c'mon man, basketball for the win. ;)

I mean I don't mind basketball football or rugby, I just wouldn't take it up as a hobby. I enjoy a kick about every so often and shoot some hoops like 7 days a month (I have a low hoop in my garden)

Hello Ollie! You seem like a really cool person. Hope you are enjoying the server, can't wait to see you ingame :)

Sup, I was 12 once you know 8-), but that was many moons ago (4). Hope to see you in game! :)

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