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its been a blazt knowing you all


this server was an awesome one, i can never find another like this, i just want to say ill miss you all, and that i actually feel like crying since its just such a shame to let this server go, since at its last moments i'd like to post a few people we'd want to remmember b4 the server goes off...

The 1st admin i ever met

Met him the same time as Zlexy

Same as Paragon

1st guy i ever met

Killed me many times! but molded me the guy i am now on the internet.. a slight asshole! lol

Never thought i'd be friends with this guy ever since i met the guy! i even thought he was the leader

I realized when i joined the sith, that this guy was calling the shots, lol i thought random was the clever devil

Helped me make my town in Benjahack's Town, redstone addict, and abit of a ass sometimes

a good guy! one of my close friends too bad he moved out!

I once thought he was a good guy, until he got moderator

Hated him b4, but thats water under the bridge now.

An ok guy.. kinda rude somtimes, but tats b4

My 2nd Best friend (next to cnro that is) best guy i ever met!

How can we forget the mother of Kcv2? Kind hearted, and very sweet, we wont forget you!

The most loyal InArms member ever

Yeah... NOT WORTH EXPLAINING!! only the staff knew what we did e.e

an old friend, and the ebst damn builder i ever met!

Good friends, until they became aholes

I think i got his name right.. The best damn survivor in survival! a one man faction! he never raided! but he made some fo the most breath taking basesive ever seen! just ask cristinasama when we raided him b4! XD

a good friend! fund loving and kinda awkward somtimes

My 1st boss! when i was a n00b in survival, i can still remmember the faction.. Nr1fac

One of my bestfriends! he kinda dissapreared..

One of Sith's Spies, a good guy, but has thoughts of his own

Newyork guy! kinda cool but fun loving once you bring it up!

A good guy! always there when you ask for mod help and other stuff, kinda serious at times but hey? he a great guy!

He used to be the LEader of my minder's guild back in inarms! very serious about the server's rules!

I forgot who she was tho... but i can remember she's a girlfriend of someone on the server.. i can't quite remember, its been a while since we last talked anyway, She's a very nice person thats for sure! any guy would be lucky enough to have her hahaha

Lets not forget the man who made all this possible! althought i dont get to talk to him very mucvh, im sure he's a good person!

thats all i got for now, I love you guys! ill miss you all! im sorry for being an ass now, and before (i think)
Hope i see some of you guys in the near distant future! this is jedwere saying.. these has been the best months of my MC life!

Garen v2:
Indeed. I was friends with many of those players too.(and you, too  :-\) Well, I quit the server a while ago, so I don't really expect most of.them to remember me. I don't know if anyone even visits these forums anymore, but I would like to say good bye to anyone that does stumble across this.

I suggest buying NHL 10, its a great game, online and offline. Lately if youve seen me online i have been playing that. The online community is small so you pretty much know everybody.


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