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Skyrealms (running KCv2)

Hello there. You may have not seen me on the forums for a looong time, since the server files got uploaded, i started to create this new server running on my amazing dedicated server. The server has the following specs

* 2.27Ghz - 2 processors
* 8 Cores / 16 Threads
* 1 x 500GB SSD
* 1Gbit Unmetered

The server IP address is: dedi.skyrealmsmc.com:25565 (port is not needed), is 24/7, has the mainworld of KCv2, ranks and everything else of KCv2. Nether world and other worlds will be uploaded soon or later, for now you can only play on the mainworld. I hope you guys will enjoy the new server and well yeah, reply with a question and ill try to answer it ASAP. We will tell ya, it is going to be alot of fun there! DONT FORGET, it is also lagfree! And is using 6GB of RAM.


Update!: Survival world is uploaded and ready to use! Dynmap avaliable at dedi.skyrealmsmc.com:8123
There is a forum running XenForo at forum.skyrealmsmc.com (currently old boards etc)

EDIT: Another update! All worlds are uploaded! Enjoy

Another edit: Another update! :P Now 20GB ram (dunno why)

I can t enter the server tho


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