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Hi my son is a major fan of minecraft and wants the Godzilla mod and I don't know how to install it on the modded version of kaise123 v1.6.2.. it says to extract the zip file to the mods folder and I cant find where minecraft is installed as it doesn't show up in program files.. please help.. he has been wanting this for months.. :)

Hey, Welcome to the forums.

Firstly, You should know that version 1.6.2 is very outdated. I haven't updated the client to the latest version of Minecraft mostly due to a lack of interest and the development of the game has made it more difficult to maintain.

The Godzilla mod doesn't seem to be up to date either, however you need to make sure that you are installing the mod on a compatible version of Minecraft. I'd recommend reading the mods own page to check how to install it properly, and then if you still need help check back here.

Hey guys,ive been lurking around on the forums since a couple of months and finally decided to join.
I knew about blink since enema. Huge fan since Untitled.
ANy other swiss people here?


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