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Late Confession


Hello, it has truly been a while, and I don’t know if you people feel the same way as I do,  cause to me after realizing time passing by, and the server ‘Kaise’ turns to memories. I do know that I shouldn’t dwell much to the past, but my experience to this server was great, and I treasure them, even how everyone actually treated me, but I really do admit that its mostly my fault (Or all of it) hehe.  When the server was still running, I played in my laptop the whole time, and after the server was gone, the history of the chats and the status of the game were recorded to a compilation, sorted by their dates, at first I wondered what these were, but then as I open each it showed me the things that has happened before on the chat daily. Now and then, I read the chats and it felt like a compilation of stories, the great times during the server, despite the bad events. I kept the folder of compilation and renamed it ‘Kaise remainings’ and I’d usually read it sometime, and every time I see it I feel kind of depressed because I don’t think I’ll ever be in a server like kaise again. Though I do know there are many more similar to the server, but that doesn’t mean I will forget about the server. I don’t think anyone knows this, but the point is that I am depressed because during this times was where I was very happy, surrounded by people even when some didn’t liked me, it was better than today where I no longer often make conversations, every minute, and to make it short, loneliness. But, so on, I’ll get used to it eventually, I just wanted to express this things right now when I should’ve expressed them earlier, cause to be honest I was quite shy and might be embarrassed. Anyways, here is a very long story from one of the compilations, converted into a story (As best as I could). I hope you enjoy :)

~xXRoboJackXx and Onito story (March 21, 2014)

Robo and Onito discovered a sticky goo-ish emerald like substance and thought
it might make something useful, then they came up an idea that they might
be able to make a time machine, so they did, but (I think) it failed and might’ve
been too advanced for this world and its risking many lives (As Onito stated). Onito decided to
kill Robo because he knew too much, and also for the sake of (that) pig at the corner said Onito, as Onito aims at Robo.

David(641) interrupts and tells her to stop, "Stop!"
"What do you have to say?" Onito asks David.  "Holt!" "I may not know anything about this but..." "Shoot Him! >:D",  Onito and David both made an evil face "Onito: >:D".

Robo ran for his life, then Onito followed Robo and chased after him, until David tried to make a move, "oh for the love of!" "*shoots Robo".

But Robo then said "But your not here :D" then you people who are reading right now realize that David was at another area near Robo and Onito and was just trying to interrupt.  Onito then made an option for Robo, "I won't kill you then, but you have to drink this potion to forget everything", "But what if I refuse" said Robo, "Then I have no choice" said Onito.

 "But I don't want to forget you!" Robo said, "I don't want to either" said Onito as she also planned on drinking the potion "But its for the sake of that pig at the corner!" Onito argued. Robo then decided to end his life, and that’s what he did.

2 years later after, Robo met a girl in the same place as he met Onito (Which I don’t actually know what happened then). "Oh hi! you can't be here" Robo greeted and told the girl, "Oh hi! I'm onito!" the girl introduced herself. "Who are you?" she then happened to be Onito and she seemed to have lost her memories, ";o...Whuttt" Robo said in confusion (or something). "someone have an eff 4 shovel in survival?" out of nowhere, Ruben the cat (Rubenthecat41) appeared (on the chat , another conversation had begun, who happened to be me and Rubenthecat41, though I excluded) "Hai :3" Onito
greeted, Robo stared at her, wondering, "Do you remember me?". "Who are you?" Onito asks, Robo then brings out a book, "How can you not remember me!" Robo said. "Onito: *do it lol", "Look" "Reaaad ittt" Robo tells her, "Whats this?" Onito asks then begins to read (something) that Robo showed her.
"Robo!!!" Onito noticed, finally she has remembered Robo and hugged him, Robo hugged Onito back and cried "~David641: the fart are you two blaberring about ;o" David(641) interrupted.

Onito woke up somewhere random but couldn't remember a thing "~David641: mushroom beach?" David(641) again interrupted and tried to guess. "If I could remember" Onito said "How did you find me
again?" Robo asks. "I woke up on a roof top" "I travelled" "And this town gave me a nostalgic feeling" "It felt like home" "and something was familiar about this house" "And 2 years its still under construction?" (to me, I don’t know much of what is going on) "U must be lazy lol" said Onito. "Erm...Yes I kind of
gave up after your "Death"" said Robo. "Keep the book" Onito said, Robo told her that he went into a deep depression-"I didn't die" Onito said. "I'm sorry :(" "But now I remember about this time machine..." "And u... ...
..."I have to die again".
"lol", "Nuuuuuuu" "DOn't do ehtttt" Robo said as he tries to stop her. "But since you didn't tell anyone" "on all these 2 years" "I think I can trust you" ":3", ";D You can ;D and yush
David?" said Robo (I was calling Robo just to sell me a stack of books :3) "Sure" Robo accepted the request. "Brb Onito ;D" exused Robo, "Okay :3". "$760.28 prease ;D" Robo told david (I was quite shocked of the cost though) "o.e" David couldn’t believe the cost,  "Frameception" Onito said out of nowhere. "xD". David did pay Robo, but he still said “I have no money” “;)” “thx” thanked David(641) as Robo gives him what he has paid for.

(To this scenary, I had no idea where they were, but I’m pretty sure you might actually have a little clue of where they are) “Welcome ;)” said Robo as he welcomes Onito, but she noticed David(641) “Hmm” “David is an engineer aye?”, “I’m home ;D” “ay” said Robo. “Welcome Home!” said Onito as she welcomes Robo home, “;D Thank you,” “;o” “Hmm” “New Recipe?” asks Robo, “Yes :3”. “Not poison?” asks Robo, “I asked the witch how she made it” said Onito, “mmmmm...Wait wut” Robo then became shocked, “The witch taught me how to make it >:3” said Onito, “Nuuu” said Robo. “Dw she's practices the good arts” “Not the evil witchcraft” said Onito, “Witches lie D;” said Robo. (Then a guest has arrived named oliver_raja and said “Hai”) “I purified her haert” “Heart*”, “Hai :3” said Onito, greeting someone (Who was oliver) “There is no good arts D;” said Robo, “I strapped her down on the chair and forced her to watch gangnam style” (Then ruben left the server) “For 7 days straight” said Onito, “She must of went insane!!!” Robo thought so and said, “Yes but it brought happiness to her” “It made her laugh 7 days straight” “And her heart is purified” “:)” said Onito, “Or she tricked you D;” said Robo,“I didnt just make her watch gangnam style” “I made her watch rick roll” said Onito, “:O What else did you doo” asked Robo “Wait... Not even I've seen that ;O”,  “:O” “I even made her watch…” “Something..........” said Onito, (oliver again said “Hai”) “Hai :3” answered Onito to someone, “What did you dooooooo nowww” “Herrro” Robo greeted as well”, “There’s a creeper behind u” said Onito, a creature tried to do something to Robo, but thanks to Onito he noticed (And I think was saved), “Phew” “Close call” said Robo, “I know” “D:” replied Onito, “D; too close” “Now tell me..” said Robo, “MMmm?” Onito wondered, “What else….. Did you make her watchhhhh” asked Robo, but Onito wouldn’t answer and instead said “HueHueHue” “I threw lots of potions of healing on her” “:O” said Onito, then she seemed to notice someone. “Ahhhhh” said Robo, “oh hai!” (Onito seemed to be greeting someone) “Oh Uh” said Onito, “Dieinggg” “Or was she always like this ;)” “:o” “uGLY WITCH” Robo then noticed, Onito used a skill “*woodstyle jutsu*”, “Cap fail” “Huehuehue bullied” said Robo, “Bad witch!” “Nope sorry” said Onito, “Sort of” said Robo, (Here, I think Onito gave something to Robo) “Robo”, “Sup” “:D” said Robo, “I don’t usually give out” said Onito, “:O You’re too kind!” “I can’t accept this” said Robo”, “:3” “We must banish this witch” Onito suggested, “It’s so… Pink and juicy ;D” said Robo, Onito smiled “:)” “;)” Robo smiled as well, “This witch” “I shall banish her”  said Onito, “Use your own witchcraft ;D” said Robo, (Here I think Onito has done something) “First I must make the seal” said Onito, “Nice, nice”said Robo, “Okay”. “Ello” Robo greeted someone, “Its ready” Onito announced, “;D” “Let’s banish this witch!”. Onito then started enchanting “*enchanting*”.


“Rue ;D” Robo added, “I hearby banish u!”, (Then suddenly a small interruption came) “charger one sec”, “Wut” said Onito, “Back ;)” said Robo, then they once more continued. “I hearby banish u!” “TO oblivion!”, “She didn’t disappear D;” said Robo”, “Just wait :)” said Onito, “Okay ;D”. “wut” “its not working!” Onito seemed to have a problem, “D;” said Robo.

“witch craft!” said Onito, “You must be out of tune with your witchcraft” said Robo. “Lend me your power!” “Yes” “I feel it” “Lu dui” “mah dui” “lalalalalalal” said Onito as she enchants. “:O” “What’s happening D;” said Robo, “Yes” “She’s dying” “Soon…” “Uh oh” “I need more power!” “Her powers are too strong!”, “I can’t do it!” “Help!” Onito seemed to be troubled in banishing the witch, but Robo still believed in her “I believe in youuu!”. As they continued further, Onito couldn’t handle the witch, Robo then was killed. “Ragh!!!” “noooo” “That’s it…” said Onito, “so, what’s been happening for the past half hour?” asked Robo, “I have no choice but to use it” said Onito. It was then Onito who was left when Robo “*Is dead*”. “I have locked her in” said Onito, “Uuuuuuseee da aaaappleleee” suggested Robo. “Come look lol” said Onito, “Honey I’m home ;)” (I think Robo somehow returned from the dead?), “Welcome back :3” greeted Onito. “>:D That witch was never pure of heart” “:O” Robo suddenly noticed, “Shes banished” said Onito. “S!?!?!??!he's gone” said Robo with surprise, “They do have good hearts” “However” “They do not have the will power to control it” said Onito, “The fools” said Robo.

“Witches were villagers” “Until the dark lord” said Onito,  “Avvgadr?” said Robo.

End (lol)

Cause farther from here ends the story and no longer relates xD.
But as an additional, after this is where I realize that Onito is a she, as said by Robo “*Cough* Onito is a girl *cough*” though I didn’t think Onito wanted us to know (?). Here is what Ruben after all they have did. “that explains the role playing”.

Well it ends here, thanks for reading if you did, if I ever made some mistakes or problems of doing this, please tell me O.O

~Ze David Six ‘for’ One

I miss you guys :')

I sometimes go though my screenshots and find some stories in the chat XD thanks for posting.


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