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To all of you who are so kind as to keep coming here We have some exciting news for you. A few server Admins and Moderators from KCv2 have teamed with Kaise123 and a player named Friendkiller from a previous server and have come to create "Pheonix Realms". That is, to rise from the ashes of previous servers. We have not yet released our public IP but to those of you who are interested we will have the server publicly launched within a week or so. The server is a Cracked survival, Creative plot and Kit PvP with much more in the works to be added soon! We hope to see you there once we've got it launched.

Note: This is by no means a KCv3, rather a new startup with the same Owner and a new approach to the server type.

Warm regards, TheAmazingBobert(CrimsonShadow)


Waiting anxiously, do PM me the IP!

Hello dear friends. Im super excited for this server. I would like to be pm'ed, if possible, with the server ip.

Thank you

Woaaah. I got a notification in my email and decided to check it out. Nearly what? 3, 4 years? I feel old.. The good old times! I should get back into MC, this might be a good opportunity!


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