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Topics - jedwere

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News / My Last Sentences
« on: June 03, 2014, 07:02:56 PM »
Hey, the server's gonna go bye bye now.. i dont have much to say, all i can say is im sorry.

the version where i pretty much became a huge Ahole in the server, where do i start.. this is where i met TheDarkWolf, i told him i'd help him but i pwned him as soon as we reached a distance, that was very stupid of me, and i never thought i'd be best friend with you one day :D

this is also where i met Skyler and Alyx, i gave them a castle i raided for them to live in so that they'd gain reasources and i'd raid them.. im sorry for that.. this is also the time where i raged about wiigor for say stuff about my (Dead) father and i kinda got over board, realy sorry

still an Ahole and got in on almost everyone's bad side, i disappeared for a month then came back in 1.6.2

1.6.2 nothing much happened

i had a bad start and i dont want people to hate me when kaisecraft dies, so this is me with all the stupid things ive done

im really sorry, for everything ive done, like really sorry,

Btw ever since i was new to this server in 1.4.5 ive been taking screenshots of every single funny, sad etc. moments i have almost (i think) 500+ screenshots! if you want them ask me on skype so i can gave them to you in a folder.. and to be honest, in 1.5 to 1.5.1.... I used Nodus sorry again... I love you guys, and i hope you forgive me, bye guys~

Other / its been a blazt knowing you all
« on: May 26, 2014, 12:36:37 PM »
this server was an awesome one, i can never find another like this, i just want to say ill miss you all, and that i actually feel like crying since its just such a shame to let this server go, since at its last moments i'd like to post a few people we'd want to remmember b4 the server goes off...

The 1st admin i ever met

Met him the same time as Zlexy

Same as Paragon

1st guy i ever met

Killed me many times! but molded me the guy i am now on the internet.. a slight asshole! lol

Never thought i'd be friends with this guy ever since i met the guy! i even thought he was the leader

I realized when i joined the sith, that this guy was calling the shots, lol i thought random was the clever devil

Helped me make my town in Benjahack's Town, redstone addict, and abit of a ass sometimes

a good guy! one of my close friends too bad he moved out!

I once thought he was a good guy, until he got moderator

Hated him b4, but thats water under the bridge now.

An ok guy.. kinda rude somtimes, but tats b4

My 2nd Best friend (next to cnro that is) best guy i ever met!

How can we forget the mother of Kcv2? Kind hearted, and very sweet, we wont forget you!

The most loyal InArms member ever

Yeah... NOT WORTH EXPLAINING!! only the staff knew what we did e.e

an old friend, and the ebst damn builder i ever met!

Good friends, until they became aholes

I think i got his name right.. The best damn survivor in survival! a one man faction! he never raided! but he made some fo the most breath taking basesive ever seen! just ask cristinasama when we raided him b4! XD

a good friend! fund loving and kinda awkward somtimes

My 1st boss! when i was a n00b in survival, i can still remmember the faction.. Nr1fac

One of my bestfriends! he kinda dissapreared..

One of Sith's Spies, a good guy, but has thoughts of his own

Newyork guy! kinda cool but fun loving once you bring it up!

A good guy! always there when you ask for mod help and other stuff, kinda serious at times but hey? he a great guy!

He used to be the LEader of my minder's guild back in inarms! very serious about the server's rules!

I forgot who she was tho... but i can remember she's a girlfriend of someone on the server.. i can't quite remember, its been a while since we last talked anyway, She's a very nice person thats for sure! any guy would be lucky enough to have her hahaha

Lets not forget the man who made all this possible! althought i dont get to talk to him very mucvh, im sure he's a good person!

thats all i got for now, I love you guys! ill miss you all! im sorry for being an ass now, and before (i think)
Hope i see some of you guys in the near distant future! this is jedwere saying.. these has been the best months of my MC life!

Suggestions / Jobs plugin + Money reset
« on: March 19, 2014, 11:05:15 PM »
This is prior to my last post about economy (Yes i am much of an economy sorta guy) what this plugin does is adds in a selection of jobs! yes! Jobs! like woodsman, enchanter, blacksmith etc. i would like to make the prices at the mall abit higher! that way players would have endless hours of fun and work trying to get their money up, so they could get some rewarding items ^_^, now what this does is, say for example i joined.. blacksmith.. everytime i craft a wooden sword i get paied $500 or when i craft a iron sword i get $1000 (these are not the real prices, you guys make the system idk now sorry) so its a very awesome plugin! Hope u guys would consider! Especialy the money reset, thank you for reading this post, again its not very well formatted, again m in a hurry, bye bye! ^_^

Suggestions / Auction Plugin + Money Reset
« on: March 19, 2014, 11:00:12 PM »
I would like to suggest a auction plugin, ive been talking about it with wolfy and, it seems you need money to bid, if the plugin should be installed, can we also have an account reset? :D and make mall prices abit higher so it would be a fun challage for players to encourage economy and stores inorder to get money for things. and when your in survival, you dont have to worry about people who would betray you from trading, plus, money finaly would have use in the survival world, ik i prob. didnt think the plugin out more, but the idea sounded rly nice, just the other day some jerk (i will not mention the name) told me he would trade me 5 diamonds for 2 stacks of sugar cane and he gave me 2. anyway.. hope u guys would consider! thank you for reading this post! sorry if its not appealing to the eyes, im in a bit of a hurry byebye! ^_^

Suggestions / A small suggestion (Hamza)
« on: February 06, 2014, 08:32:11 PM »
Id like to suggest to ban hamza, kinda a overall jerk and, (idk) might be using hacks, now i dont have proof, but, me and my irl friend, his name is mikoerien, you can check our IP adresses.. anyway, i was looking for a nice far away base, after 3 mins of non-stop walking, i found a far away place! i did f map, no other facs seem to be around, so i invited my friend to join me, took a while to teach him about the commands and the rules, when hamza logged in, i didnt much mind him ofc, but inj just seconds of making my /f home he suddenly appreared right infront of me! and slaughtered me, now im wondering how did he do it.. and what the (Fire truck) did i even (fire truck)ing do? ok, yes i understand its survival, but what confuses me the most is when i whent out to serch for a new base, he was came like poof! again and killed me, 1bigdog also witnessed the scene.. Ok now for some other remarks, Hamza i know you have rights, and i know you (think) you didnt do nothing wrong, but what the nether? ik this post isin't where its supposed to be but, you can move it, i only posted it here to get a fast response. so sorry!

P.S please note i did not do any swearing of any sort, and i also censored most of it,

Suggestions / Faction Chat
« on: February 02, 2014, 05:18:17 PM »
I remmember before when faction chats and allied chats were around, it shows your title, it would be nice if t were added again please? its very nice talking privatly on your faction with a prefix of your own! like [Enchanter]jedwere:hello

Help & Support / craftbook??
« on: February 02, 2014, 04:01:43 AM »
hey ive beeen hearing about craftbook and chairs... what is craftbook? and just hearing the word "chair" gives me a good feeling inside :)

Factions News / What is a Peaceful faction? (For those who don't know)
« on: January 08, 2014, 09:09:07 PM »
Peaceful Faction
In Survival world, (as it what it says) its survival to the fittest! kill and raid people/factions for supremacy or for the resources you'll need...
but of course there are special factions, that are called peaceful factions, now these factions are given to factions who meet the requirements (please see the peaceful application board), peaceful factions, as the name says.. they cannot raid or kill other people, and other factions/people can raid them or kill a player form a peaceful faction, if they did, there will be a penalty, although idk what (its up to who will give you the penalty), im posting this today because of 2 players named moody somthing (idk sorry) and his friend Pestalman who apparently took my enchantment table that was still undercons. coz i logged out b4 i could finish it, and almost 90% of the public market, mostly the facilities intended for my members.

Happy Mining

Factions News / InArms New Mini-Guilds!!
« on: December 29, 2013, 02:51:12 PM »
What Are Mini-Guilds?
Mini-Guilds are small Categorized Groups that specialize in a certain task in the faction, each has its own Guild Leader, and its Own Ranks, this also keeps the members busy and happy, and provides a good system in gaining items.

Farmer's Guild
Guild Leader: Jedwere
Description:Our goal is To Improve agriculture, not just for the faction, but also for the public, we grow and trade good quantities of crops, meat eggs etc.
also, you will join the leader and help him... harvest the Wheat fields, care for the live stock, and Help maintain the market place.  ;D
Your user name will starts with [Farmer'sGuild] so we know what place you are, also you will help cutting down trees for materials and building materials, and construct farms for crops.

Farmer Ranks
(This will be the ranks for the rest of the other Mini-Guilds)
-Newbie (no access to help out at the Public market or the storage room)
-Adept (Has complete access to the market and can help out freely, although still restricted to the Storage room)
-Novice (Complete access to everything, and can Build market stalls at the market place)
-Officers (Is not Moderator and Manages the fields along with the Novices, and Checks to make sure that the food chests at the faction are full and re-stocked for the members to get from)

No Requirements needed

Miner's Guild
Guild Leader: Minerfreak3 (i suggest you follow what this man says, he got a chest filled with obsidian in 3 hours!!)
Description: Our goal is to mine for ores, so we can supply our faction with durable materials to make into the best tools we can forge. Rank title format is also the same.

Miner Ranks
(the same with farmer ranks)
-Ne (new and can mine freely, however cannot construct any exp farms or generators_
-Ad (Is given better Gear, ready to bear what the mines would give)
-No (are allowed to Make Mining Outpost and point out ore veins)
-Of (Moderators, helps collect the ores n the mines, and guides his/her fellow members to a safer route)

Required Skills/Knowledge
-How to make a strip mine
-what to do with a spawner
-tool crafting knowlage

Anti-Mob Force
Guild Leader: The_RedStorm
Description: as we all know, creepers ruin almost any hard work you may have done, the goal of this Mini-Guild is only to combat against Mobs ONLY!! so that we have a safe environment in the faction

Anti-Mob force Ranks
-Ne (Only restricted to patrolling the base)
-Ad (Has access to the armory and, patrols the over world outposts for mobs)
-No (Has access to the Ore Vault, has to make weapons and enchants them)
-Of (Moderator, Complete access to everything, and patrols the Nether Outposts

Other Remarks:
This guild's intention is only to combat against the mobs and make the faction safer, has nothing to do with killing other players, only against grifing mobs such as the creeper.

Required Skills
-Good Mob combat skills
-Can kill a creeper without detonating it
-can handle being alone, and the dark

Sorry these are the only Mini-Guilds i could think of, we are open to suggestions though  ;D

P.S Please apply by replying, thank you  :)


Factions News / InArms
« on: December 26, 2013, 02:28:52 PM »
Hi, this is jedwere and i re-made inarms again about a month ago or 2, and this is just a small advertizement

our faction solely relies on agriculture and the welfare of our faction members, we do not wish to take part in any war, even though if someone tries to raid us for no good reason.

What happens when you join us?
when you join us, you will be either greeted by Owner jedwere or Co-Owner The_RedStorm, after we have given you your welcome gifts, we will show you to your new house, we have Public chests, do not take it all, only the items you need, we also have mine shafts, complete with marked out ore veins, you may also choose a Mini-Guild in the faction so it suits your type of hobby or expertise, when you complete a job in the Jobs Board, You will place the ask items in the chests provided, our Officers are also busy doing jobs, also the Owner, we continue to expand our base and add new facilities, our faction is rather poor, but rich in the at-most trusted officers possible, and Crops! our ore supply is rather limited to coal iron and gold, so we trade with other factions, we have a total of (i think) 19 allies and 0 enemies! we try not to provoke any other factions, we have also applied for peaceful a week ago or 2, were just waiting for the results.

InArm's 5 Golden Rules
1.Respect Begets Respect
2.Do not kill anyone (even if they did something bad)
3.share your blessings, but remember to keep some for your self too!
4.A Family that Farms together, stays together
5.Never, Ever Hate on other players

Our Current Members
1.Jedwere (Owner) Leader
2.The_RedStone (Co-Owner) Friendliest guy in the faction (Owner's Closest Friend)
3.Minerfreak3 (Miner) A real Freak when mining!! can find 4 stacks of iron in 30 mins!
4. Pianonano (Farmer) Rather shy, but very Generous

Our VIP List
The VIP list, is a list of Well trusted outsiders who can enter the base anytime!
our VIP's are:
1.TheDarkWolf and his other accounts - The Owner's Best friend
2.BlueStar5 - An Old ally, once helped Kill off the attackers back in 1.5.2
3.BaroomPsycho - Has a motherly like Aura where ever she goes
4.Steve_1996 - Oldest Member in the faction since 1.3.2 (and Owner jedwere has his Soul in his enderchest)

Trade-Trusted factions
1.Hyrulians - famed for its new Automated Egg farm! thanks to TheDarkWolf
2. Ambition - Famed for its Ores and weapons

Requirements for Joining InArms
Im sorry guys, but we have requirements to join:
-Common Sense
-Age 12+
-Fluent English
-Very Friendly
and has to be Vouched for. (Meaning all faction members MUST agree)

Thank you for your time to read this post, We will meet you in the game!
and have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! if you dont celebrate Christmas.. Merry Normal Day!!

We also have a Market place under construction near spawn, the old one was wreaked were making one out of obby, any one can also have a market stall there, just contact jedwere or The_RedStorm, and we will make one out of obby, the price is only, 2 Emeralds. Happy Farming

Suggestions / Festivals in Kaisecraft Part 2 (more info)
« on: November 19, 2013, 10:22:52 PM »
Anyway, heres more specific info about my last suggestion on festivals.

-different spawns during major holidays etc.
-mods, like the pumpkin mob head mod.
-weekly events, such as:
*snow balls fights
*eating contests (were the contestants are given food and a status effect: hunger. were the player has to hurry up and get hungry so he can eat the food given to him, first to finish wins!)
*Lottery (who doesn't want one?)
*Radio (isint the MC music a little bit.. boring and creepy?)
*Scariest Haunted house constructed
*summer beach events
*swimming contest (Summer beach evet included)
*Valentines day Gift givings
*flee market (sell your old stuff or sell something nice Or make a gimmick stand (like throw the dice, or Bow shooting)
*Pvp Tournaments (Armor provided, no using personal Gear, or if u want.)
*B-day announcements/ celebrations :D
And im open for Suggestions..

P.S is like tot hank Harvestmoon for the nice ideas xD hue.

Forum Help / 1.7.2 Problems (Launching it)
« on: November 17, 2013, 03:50:18 PM »
my 1.6.4 ver. seems to work nicely, now.. when the server was updated, i update to 1.7.2, and when i click "play" its just shows me a loading mouse cursor and.. thats all.. then the mouse cursor goes back to normal... how do i fix this?

Addidional info:
-i have the latest java running
-my cracked launcher is made by Wazzes (i think that was his name)
-i have no mods installed (i play complete vanila)
-all the rest of the ver.s work properly except for 1.7+

Introductions / Hey, its about somethin...
« on: November 12, 2013, 11:56:53 PM »
As of now, my sister, also known as Camillewere, will be joining kaisecraft, because she wants to know why i play so much..
id like you all to know, id like to take FULL responsibility for my sister's actions, because she's my sister, and its my fault if she does anything screwy, so you just know, i will NOT give her my acc, she's 12 so go easy on her, she dosent even know how to place blocks, let alone the rules and crafting. please help her out. -jedwere

(btw the next text are my sister typing, not me)
hi, my name is camille, but im known my camillewere,
im 12 years old, i go to the same school my brother goes to, im very shy, and i realy want to know how to play this game.

P.S if any one thinks about going near my sis, and start hitting on her, u gotta kill me first!! (IRL) and dont waste yur time, she ugly! so.. no

Suggestions / Factions
« on: November 12, 2013, 07:47:29 PM »
Why not allow the faction jail commands? its kinda fun to jail a mamber of yur fac if he misbehaves xD

and also allow the faction warps! its a much easier way to get to outposts!! :D its like having multiple bases!!
but ofcs there has to be a warp limit xD

Staff Feedback / For the Staff members
« on: November 07, 2013, 07:51:13 PM »
Hey guys, id like to share a few words to the staff, ive been here for like.. idk 6-7 months maybe?
so i thought, maybe i could share some words
 (btw the staff members i will be mentioning are in order from the 1st mod ive met ever since i joined kcv2)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)
Im sorry if i didnt mention some staff members, either i forgot or i didnt yet meet you, im sorry if some of you were offended by my post, my english is still very shaky, but i try to use it, thx kaisecraft for everything, and the best server i ever played in, and the only server i ever played.  ;D


P.s i may never be active as i used to be, ive got school now and i need to take care of my Step-father, thx guys, for the best MC days of my Block life xD hahaha

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