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Topics - Zlexy

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Bug Reports / [INFO] Read before posting
« on: February 14, 2014, 10:23:26 AM »
If you have found a bug which is NOT EXPLOITABLE (doesn't give you an advantage over other players) then please post a thread in this section using this format:

Ingame name:

Description of bug:



If you have found a bug which gives people an unfair advantage over other players or can potentially harm/break the server, please submit it through Skype or a Forum private message to myself, Kaise and Exi.

General Info / Regarding intentional abuse of bugs
« on: February 14, 2014, 10:13:49 AM »
So today, a situation happened in which a player lost alot of their items because of a few people abusing a bug. This, as I've looked into it further, wasn't intentional so no action will be taken however I want to make this very clear to everyone.

If you find a bug that makes the server exploitable (it gives people an unfair advantage over others etc.) then you must report it either on skype or on the forums ASAP. If you abuse this bug, knowing that it is a bug and you are caught, you will be given a permanent ban. No exceptions. You must appeal the ban if you wish to play again.

If you're unintentionally bug abusing, I wouldn't worry about it; but this needs to be brought to the attention of many.

General Info / Proposed New Staff System
« on: October 08, 2013, 08:37:22 AM »
So this idea has came from various things, and most of if not all staff like this idea, so this (probably) will be implemented, let me know your (the player's) feedback however.

It will be made of a 'leveling' system. So basically, scrapping this whole 'Moderator -> Sr.Mod -> Admin' and introducing 'levels' of staff.

These levels are shown here:

[Level 1 - Moderator]
[Level 2 - Moderator]
[Level 3 - Senior Moderator]
[Level 4 - Senior Moderator]
[Level 5 - Administrator]
[Level 1337 (6) - Head Administrator]
[Level 1338 - Veteran]

Level 1 would be the rank you apply for, when applying for a staff rank. If accepted, you would start off at this. You would only get basic moderator functions for example, WorldGuard, mute, jail, kick, all the basics. As you progress further and get promoted to Level 2, you unlock further commands, and general necessities.

If you're confused about this, just let me know.


Current Staff list with new system (7 October 2013)

[Level 1]

[Level 2]
iTroll (GotTacos)

[Level 3]

[Level 4]

[Level 5]

[Level 1337 (6)]

[Level 1338]


Please feel free to leave any questions, queries and most importantly feedback about what you think about this.


Ban Appeals / Read HERE before posting. ~No Temporary Ban May Be Appealed~
« on: September 13, 2013, 05:13:18 AM »
I guess you're here because you wish to be unbanned?

Well first of all, I'd like to say that it will be rare that you will be unbanned. As, we don't normally permanently ban people. However, we always believe that everyone should be given another chance.


- MUST be permanently banned, temporary bans do not count, you can wait them out.
- Must have a valid reason for being unbanned.
- Follow the format provided.


- Use this board to report a staff member, use the 'Staff feedback' section.
- Contact a staff member telling them to look at a ban appeal. We will just deny it immediately.
- Post on other peoples' unban appeals unless you are one of the following:

The player who posted the appeal.
A staff member.
A player named in the appeal.



IGN (ingame name):

When I was banned (approximately):

Who banned me:

Why I was banned:

Why I should be unbanned:


Feel free to add anything to that format if you think it will help you, however you MUST use atleast all 5 of those.

Good luck in being unbanned.

Note: only level 1337s can accept/deny ban appeals.

TheDarkWolf: Edited titled for those who don't take the time to read sticky topics.

General Info / [INFO] About Donation Ranks
« on: September 10, 2013, 01:05:33 AM »
First off, I would like to say that I am extremely disappointed I have had to make this topic, but it seems that many many many donators (while I thank you for donating) seem to think they are utterly invincible when it comes to rules. Well I have a shock for you, you're not invincible.

So, this topic is about what you can get in trouble for as a donator, ofcourse you can get in trouble for any general rules, but here are the main ones for donators. May I also re-iterate that if you are banned or want to quit the server, you will NOT receive a refund. The only way someone would receive a refund is if their bank account was hacked, or something along those lines.

- Oh, but it's MY money so I can request it back any time I like, huh?!

- Wrong. You donated, donations are not obliged to follow any law whatsoever, so you can't really do anything. If you donated, and you want your money back; unless you have a genuine reason (i.e your bank account/paypal was hacked), you will not receive a refund.


Rules and punishments

- Using your WorldEdit/spawning abilities to spawn diamonds or valuables to players who can't
- Tempban of _ days depending on severity, temp-demotion.

- WorldEdit grief of another player's build
- Tempban of _ days depending on severity and temp/perm demotion from your rank depending on severity of grief.

- WorldEdit grief of spawn, or a building for the server
- Most likely permanent ban.


May I also re-iterate this, these are NOT guidelines that staff have to follow, and they can punish you however they see fit if you break these rules above, or any rule at all. These are just the way that I personally would go about things, and if a staff member wishes to follow my example then I will greet them with open arms.


I am very saddened that I had to write this topic, but the amount of staff members I've seen in the Skype chat saying "this elite griefed this with worldedit" is really shocking. I hope this sends a message out to all of you donators who seem keen on breaking the rules, and thinking because you have donated, you are somehow immune to all rules.

But to all of you who have donated, and all of you who are thinking on donating and all of you who will donate in the future, thank you for donating and I really hope you enjoy the perks you get from donating.

Thank you for your time,
- Co Owner.

General Info / [INFO] Possible change of Faction plugin!
« on: July 22, 2013, 07:11:40 AM »
Hey guys.

We're thinking on changing the Factions plugin to SimpleClans and we're wanting to know what you all think. Currently, Factions is giving you guys (the players) and us (me and Kai) alot of grief. They've really messed up the whole plugin, and it is a really unsuitable plugin for the server now.

We are wishing to change to SimpleClans which hosts a variety of awesome features that are alot of fun, at the expense of some others.


Things that are in SimpleClans that AREN'T in Factions:

- Clan capes!
- Clan announcements, announce attacks to your clan mates.
- Wars! The ability to 'start wars' with other factions officially and have it broadcasted to the server!
- Kill leaderboards! See who has killed the most players
- A much simpler process with commands.

Things that would be lost if we were to switch over to SimpleClans:

- Peaceful factions (THERE COULD POSSIBLY BE A WORKAROUND FOR THIS - don't panic).
- The ability to claim over an enemy factions land (there could also be a workaround for this, dont panic)


Let us know your opinions here.

News / Zlexy's resignation from ingame moderator-wise duties
« on: July 15, 2013, 02:43:30 PM »

After nearly a year doing moderator duties and being the longest serving (without a break or stopping) staff member, being online on the server every single day, helping endless amounts of people with protections, rolling back griefs, banning people, unbanning people, muting people, unmuting people, dealing with day-to-day problems ingame, this is the end of my moderator duties. It has been long overdue. I have went through every staff rank and never once found myself in trouble or in risk of demotion, or suspension which I am proud to have as a record.

Im going to take a back seat in things from now on, you can still come to me with your problems on Skype (my Skype name is: mrjcosta)and on the forums but now when i come online on the server, it will be for fun only (though I will help people if needed).

I'll still be carrying out my Admin/Co-Owner duties such as maintaining the server, dealing with bugs, testing glitches and bugs, dealing with staff applications, dealing with the staff themselves and maybe unbanning a few people along the way too and ofcourse, helping people who come to me personally.

But from now on, i wont be online (ingame) as of much and my reasons for this 'ingame resignation' is that i feel that the moderators, sr moderators and Baroompsycho and Hijana are there to do the ingame work and i feel like I just take all of their 'duties' from them. After all, we wouldnt need staff members if i did all the work.

Thank you for reading and i hope you all have a great time playing the server. :)

General Info / New Survival world
« on: July 12, 2013, 03:49:35 AM »
For the 1.6.X update, there will be a completely new survival world put into place. The reasons being is that the recent inventory glitches have really muddled up the economy and people have 'God' items and way too overpowered stuff illegitimately so the best and easiest thing to do is to start fresh, where all of these bugs are ironed out. And also, 1.6 brings a whole new load of changes, so starting a new world would be great for this update.

The current survival world will still be up and running until the server is updated until 1.6.X. Your items and builds from the current survival world will not be transferred over to the new survival world, and you will have to start afresh.

The new survival world will be out shortly after the opening of the server for the new update but it probably won't be ready for the opening as we would need to make a spawn and make sure everything is working correctly

If you have any questions, ask them here

Archived Reports / Tempban report: Clamen
« on: July 11, 2013, 06:53:14 AM »
Temporarily banned for 5 days for excessive abuse and swearing to me and other mods.

I warned him after an incident with Bluestar5 to 'stop badmouthing moderators'. He agreed and said 'ok', he started up an argument again, leading him to say 'You want bad mouthed?' and then followed by 'f**k you and f**k your mods'.

I dont have any pics, however plenty of moderator witnesses:

iTroll, TheDarkWolf, Bluestar5, Diion_Beyer, Smooves

Archived Reports / Tempban report: Ciztii
« on: July 09, 2013, 01:24:33 PM »
Temporarily banned for 21 days and DEMOTED from moderator for making huge lava spheres, wrecking a house which was unrepairable even with CoreProtect. Sorry to the owner of the house.


Baroompsycho, Skulker150

In the picture you can see i had removed lava which was actually part of an original grief, when i flew away, Ciztii created more spheres.

General Info / New Main World
« on: July 04, 2013, 11:41:35 PM »
With the arrival of Minecraft update 1.6.1, we are going to create a new main world for everyone to access and to replace the current main world which is approaching a year old and there is not a lot of building space or resources left. The survival world remains the same. The current world will be there for some period of time, however will be removed in a little while, after many builds are transferred over.

You WILL have the option to transfer your builds over, so do not worry about that.

The new world will be started on when we have a seed, etc however it will not be open to players until the spawn is complete. Only moderators+ will have access during the building stage.


About the new world:

- There will be less ocean. there will still be normal rivers/lakes/etc, but the distances between land in the ocean will be much smaller.

- The biomes will be a little larger then default

- Custom structures will be added, including;


Credit to MassiveCraft for making these very nice builds!

- And much more, which will be added to this thread at a later date.


Got any questions or suggestions? Post them as a reply in here!

General Info / [INFO] Role of a KCv2 Staff Member
« on: July 03, 2013, 01:02:59 PM »
Hey all. This thread will explain EVERY staff rank, and will inform you on what a typical job is for a staff rank, whether it's a moderator or admin. If you are thinking of applying for moderator, this may help in seeing if what a moderator typically does applies to you, and will even tell you of the special perks of being a moderator and above!

-- Level 1 --

The typical role of a level one moderator is an assistant, and basically just an all-round helper. They don't have access to many commands, however Level One is a 'probationary rank'.

How to become a level 1:

- Application ONLY (apply in the Staff applications board).

Day-to-day activities of a Moderator include:

- Protecting builds for people using WorldGuard/Residence.
- Answering any basic questions people have to ask.
- Jailing and muting rowdy players.
- Managing the chat, and being wary of spammers and verbal abusers.
- And ofcourse, playing Minecraft!

Advantages of being a level one moderator:

- A say over a player.
- Able to spawn ANYTHING.
- Access to SOME Worldedit.
- Can protect your builds at ANY time.
- Access to /kick, /jail, /mute and many others.
- Access to change your /nick and your prefix.
- Access to the staff chat on Skype.
- Access to the Staff area on the forums.


-- Level 2 --

The typical role of a level two moderator is like the foundation rank of staff. It is probably the most important rank as it is when the 'new' level one's have proven themselves, and now have access to much more powerful commands.

How to become a moderator:

- Promoted by a Level 6, or level 1337 only.

Day-to-day activities of a level two include:

- Anything a level one does.
- Protecting builds for people using WorldGuard/Residence.
- Answering any basic questions people have to ask.
- Rolling back griefs and punishing griefers
- Managing the chat, and being wary of spammers and verbal abusers.
- And ofcourse, playing Minecraft!

Advantages of being a level two moderator:

- A say over a player and level one moderator.
- Able to spawn ANYTHING.
- Access to ALL Worldedit.
- Can protect your builds at ANY time.
- Access to /tempban, /ban, CoreProtect.


-- Level 3 --

Being a level 3 is a jump up from level two. It requires alot more responsibility and maturity, but along with it comes a great array of tools and perks.

How to become a senior moderator:

- By being level two, then getting promoted by level 6 or level 1337, then accepted by level 3 or 4's.

Day-to-day activities of a Level 3 include:

- All of the things a level two does.
- Being a role model to the lower ranks.
- Managing the forums and watching out for spam/abuse threads.
- More forum access, like ability to ban users.
- Teamspeak moderator access.

Advantages of being a level three:

- Having an upper say over players and moderators.
- Access to the senior moderator chat.
- The ability to hand out mutes/bans aswell as lock topics on the forums.
- A much bigger say when it comes to staff applications.
- Being a more trusted person.


-- Level 4 --

Being a level 4 is a slightly smaller jump up from level 3. It allows you to accept/deny citizen or builder applications, and access to the TELNET console. Level fours are generally the role models of the server.

How to become a level four:

- By being level three, then getting promoted by level 6 or level 1337 only.

Day-to-day activities of a Level 4 include:

- All of the things a level three does.
- Managing the server from a birds-eye view from the console.
- Accepting/denying citizen or builder applications.

Advantages of being a level four:

- Having an upper say over players, moderators and level threes.
- A great chance of being promoted to level 5 administrator.

-- Level 5 --

An administrator is the a very high authority within the staff ranks, and requires an extreme amount of maturity and knowledge to be this rank.

How to become an level 5:

- Being promoted by a level 6 or level 1337 only.

Day-to-day activities of a level 5 include:

- All of the things senior moderators do.
- Solving disputes that could not be solved by a Senior moderator.
- Being on-hand to deliver assistance when needed.
- Accepting/denying ALL applications.
- Providing ideas and suggestions.
- Deciding on possible senior moderators

Advantages of being a level 5:

- Access to the ROOT console, full console access.
- Access to MOST commands on server.
- Access to the Admin chat.
- Full access to the forums (identified by red name).
- Having a say over players, moderators and senior moderators.
- Having a huge say in major server decisions.
- Given full admin access on TeamSpeak.


-- Level 6 --

Level 6 is a head administrator. They are in control of staff, and basically the general workings of the server. They would be an extremely trusted person, and have been a part of KCv2 for a long time.

How to become a level 6:

- Being promoted by a level 1337 only [note - there can only be one head administrator].

Day to day activities of a level 6 include:

- Anything a level 5 does.
- Managing staff.
- Accepting or denying staff applications.
- Keeping staff in check.
- Being there to aid players with the hardest questions.

Advantages of being level 6:

- Able to add/remove staff members as they please.
- Can promote any staff member to any rank up to and including level 5.
- A say over everyone on the server except a level 1337.
- Access to every command possible.


-- Level 1337 --

Level 1337 is basically what it says on the tin. Highest rank achievable on the server, however not very achievable, definitely not by most people. Can do everything.

How to become a level 1337:

- Chosen by Kaise123 only.

Day to day activities of a level 1337 include:[/b]

- Developing the server.
- Making sure plugins are kept in check.
- Checking how the server is running.
- Anything that is related to the server's running.

Advantages of being a level 1337:[/b]

- Able to promote someone/demote someone to/from level 6.
- A final say in everything.
- Can handle unban appeals.

General Info / Preparation and what'll happen for 1.6 update
« on: July 01, 2013, 11:19:16 AM »
Hey all, I would just like to put a message across to everyone on as to why the server might take a little longer to update onto 1.6 (depending on how long it takes Bukkit to update) and also what will happen during the course of July

Server will not be updated tomorrow (1st of July). Every server which has plugins requires Bukkit or some 'type' of Bukkit software to run. Bukkit needs to be up to date before the server can run which can take anywhere between a few days to a few weeks to update to 1.6.

Kaise goes away on a vacation on July 8th, so hopefully Bukkit will be updated by then, if not then I will have to update it (unless he can get WiFi or an internet connection) though I have work every 2nd day so if the situation comes down to it, please don't nag me or Kai to update. We will do it eventually, one of us will atleast.

As it stands, only me and Kai are the ones who are equipped enough to update the server, now ofcourse Kai is the better of us 2, and I am not the real expert when it comes down to it. If the scenario happens that I myself need to update the server due to Kai being away, then please allow me some time for me to update everything. While Kai is away, he might have WiFi, he might not at some times.

During July, Kaise will be away meaning that he won't be available for contact at most times. I will 'take over' from his role if you like and me and the other admins will be 'in charge' (if you want to put it that way) until his return, and I will try to assist everyone in many of the things he does daily (including donations ETC) however I must apologise if I cannot assist you in the full detail like Kaise can.

If you have any questions, then feel free to post them on this thread, or ask me or Kaise privately.

Thank you!

Staff Feedback / *[INFO] Read here before posting!*
« on: June 19, 2013, 05:40:23 AM »
This is a board dedicated to posting your feedback of a staff member, any staff member at all - Moderator, Senior Moderator, Admin. Whether your rank is Guest, or if you're an Elite, you can leave feedback.

Rules of this board:

- Post feedback of staff members ONLY. Do not post feedback of other players.
- No hateful comments. Always use constructive criticism, be nice.
- No arguments. It is okay to discuss the aspects that a moderator has been good at or needs to improve in but don't turn it into a flame war.
- No trolling/obvious sarcasm.
- Don't make up stories of a staff member, keep to truthful stories.

Feel free to post your feedback about any staff (including admins or even Kaise), we will not attack you and our personal opinion of you won't change. Staff members are here to learn too, and hopefully formal player feedback on the forums will help staff members improve certain parts they lack in.

Archived Reports / IP ban report: Bayo5000x/bdon17
« on: June 08, 2013, 10:16:24 AM »
I have ip banned player Bayo5000x for attempting to hack into my account. I logged on at 1am my time after a full day and night with my girlfriend to find that my account was 'already logged on' to server, he had not managed to /login however my timing was perfect and he was already on. I checked IP and it lead to him.

IP ban neccessary as he/his IP has been banned before for griefing.

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