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Author Topic: Reminder about peaceful factions  (Read 1086 times)

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Reminder about peaceful factions
« on: November 18, 2013, 12:18:00 PM »
Just a reminder to those of you who know and those of you who don't know, but raiding peaceful factions is against the rules. This includes joining them for a day or two, taking the stuff out of their chests, and then leaving.

I've banned three people for doing this to Hyrulians. Mohamad1965/Shuff, Osama/Hamza, and Gracie_owens78.

I've been pretty lenient so far and just given a ban, however, the third time Hyrulians was raided I gave them their stuff back. Two times within a period of two days they were cleaned out. They were also cleaned out on the 1st of this month. So far, Steve's been pretty calm and lenient about this. I'm not going to be lenient anymore. Follow the rules, or take responsibility for what you do.

The next time this happens, I'll take the stuff back from the person's account, if I have to log onto that account and then notify you as to what the password was changed to. Coreprotect gives a checklist of "transactions" that occurred at containers. Containers are basically blocks that are able to be interacted with by players. These include chests, furnaces, hoppers, dispensers, doors, levers, and so on.

This is your warning.

~ Wolf


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