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Started by TheAmazingBobert, January 29, 2016, 08:53:05 AM

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To all of you who are so kind as to keep coming here We have some exciting news for you. A few server Admins and Moderators from KCv2 have teamed with Kaise123 and a player named Friendkiller from a previous server and have come to create "Pheonix Realms". That is, to rise from the ashes of previous servers. We have not yet released our public IP but to those of you who are interested we will have the server publicly launched within a week or so. The server is a Cracked survival, Creative plot and Kit PvP with much more in the works to be added soon! We hope to see you there once we've got it launched.

Note: This is by no means a KCv3, rather a new startup with the same Owner and a new approach to the server type.

Warm regards, TheAmazingBobert(CrimsonShadow)
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Waiting anxiously, do PM me the IP!


Hello dear friends. Im super excited for this server. I would like to be pm'ed, if possible, with the server ip.

Thank you
By Th3 Wild Player



Woaaah. I got a notification in my email and decided to check it out. Nearly what? 3, 4 years? I feel old.. The good old times! I should get back into MC, this might be a good opportunity!

Pewds <3


UPDATE: The server is 90% ready to go public and is now entering the Whitelist for beta testing, I will make a post soon to allow people to apply for whitelist testing when we are prepared. We will keep you posted, and as always we hope to see you all ingame!
"Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick, it will take you far" -Teddy Roosevelt
"Things do not happen. Things are made to happen." - John F. Kennedy




Hey guys, Phoenix Realms is officially live today.

Feel free to join us at:

and support our official FaceBook Page where all of the current updates on the server, including community support will be posted:

We also have an official website and forums that's currently under construction (coming soon you guys!)

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perhaps a new beginning if you'd ask me if this was a novel o-o
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Soooo.... Yeah on XDA developers you have a link to download firmware/bootloaders.  Brings me here, can't find S*** read the rules i wont swear. Why is nothing here???


Hi Optimus. Unfortunately PheonixRealms was a project that had since been shutdown due to a lack of online players.

I would like to however, introduce the latest attempt to a KCv2 feel. Which is Crystal Realms. We're planning an update in the upcomming weeks to make the server have a great expansion of ranks and stuff to do.

The IP:
I believe with enough work and access I can restart KCv2 from where it left off with all it's worlds and ranks and core concepts!

I need YOUR help to ensure a smooth new beginning. Reply to this post with "Let us bring back the infamous KCv2!"

If you have active contact with Kaise123 please tell him to contact me! I am eager to get the files necessary.


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